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Episode 438 – Spooky Subtypes: Zombies


It’s Halloween time! So we’re celebrating by checking out some of the favorite creature types of the horror genre for the rest of the month. We’re starting off with the obvious choice, the undead superstar of pop culture, the zombie! We’re going to take a stroll through Magic’s history, checking out the different types, flavors, genres, and styles of zombies as we go. We’re also looking at the zombie lords, tribal cards, and legends that we run across too.

Next week: Vampires!

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Episode 375 – A Brief History of Dragons

dragon episode

The dorks are taking a look at everyone’s favorite big scary red creatures, Dragons! With a long and storied history dating back to the very beginning of MTG, Dragons are terribly popular. A constant source of wonder and amazement nowadays, you might be surprised to know that dragons weren’t always so omnipresent in the early days, and it’s really only recently that they’ve become super ridiculously everywhere.

Oh, and Chewie’s final thought may or may not have led to a LONG rant about the Star Wars prequels. Just letting you know. It gets pretty intense.

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Episode 346 – Or Be Doomed to Repeat It


The dorks are talking history this time around – more specifically the history of all the legends and planeswalkers from the new Commander 2014 decks. Wonder who Titania and Freyalise are? Want to know what’s up with Ob Nixilis and his many forms? Think way too much about Lorthos’ deal? Well worry no more, as we’ve got all kinds of stuff to tell you! Except for Lorthos, there is no deal. Sorry.

Not only are we talking Commander, but there’s also a fair amount of other news that cropped up since the last time we recorded, so I hope everyone learns something this week!


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