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Episode 522 – Professor Beard Teaches Exile

Professor Beard is back! In his first lecture he taught us all about the evolution of the Graveyard (Episode 509), where we were amazed at just how much of the Graveyard’s flavor and function came early in Magic’s life. This time the Prof is teaching us all about RFG, which is Removed From Game. Also Set Aside. Also Hovering 8 Inches Above the Table. Eventually, it became the Exile we know and love today. And again, you might be as surprised as we were at how much of its flavor and functionality came from the early days of Magic.

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Episode 516 – The History of Core Sets

With Core Set 2019 marking the return of the Core Set the dorks decided to take a look back at all its previous iterations. Starting with Alpha and moving through all the Nth Editions that happened every other year with their white-bordered insanity, through the Magic 201X that introduced new cards every year, we’re hitting them all! All the trends (the removal of trample?), all the big news (RULES CHANGES!), and everything else that made each Core Set stand out as its own entity!

Of course, Core Sets were also the place where game-destroying things first appeared. Every single set the naysayers claimed that Magic would be dead soon, and yet here we are on the 25th anniversary. Feels good man.

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Episode 509 – Professor Beard Teaches Graveyards

Graveyards in Magic are an interesting thing. In so many other games it’s just a discard pile, but MTG uses the graveyard for a variety of functions. Mike (Professor Beard) is going to walk us through the history of the graveyard from its origins in Alpha, set by set, until the current day. He’ll point out mechanics (both keyworded and not) and new design space and ways to interact with the graveyard that come up as we move forward in time. Big thanks to Drew for the suggestion and to Mike for putting serious time into the research for this episode!

Oh yeah, we’re covering the Brawl changes that were announced the day of recording. And Brian learned about something new and wants to share in his final thought. Here’s a relevant friendly reminder to everyone: no one owes you any kind of physical gratification.

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Episode #501 – Dominaria & the History of MTG Leaks

As we mentioned briefly at the beginning of 500, the release notes for Dominaria were accidentally released early. Bill (you know, that guy on Monday Night Magic) joins us to talk about it. Don’t worry, we’re spoiler-free here! The dorks go over the removal of the Planeswalker Redirection Rule, the upcoming templating changes, and the sweet first card reveal, Phyrexian Scriptures.

From there, Brian rants about how Wizards of the Coast handled this leak. From there we take a look back at the notable leaks of the past, all the way back to the year 2000, and how WotC handled them. These leaks cover everything from IP theft to packaging errors to ENTIRE SET LEAKS to WotC oopsies.

Also, the MTG Arena NDA lifts soon, but Chewie still isn’t in the beta. If he gets in there will be content of some sort. Probably.

And finally, JungleRatRob has done another audio clip montage for us! Look for it on the website soon!

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Episode 472 – History of the Banhammer, Pt 3

We’re back with Level 3 judge and SCG writer Chris Lansdell to finish up the history of the Banned & Restricted List. From the Day 0 Modern Banned List to the most recent cleanup of the miserable state of Standard, we’re covering it all! And since all the announcements still exist, we can give you actual explanations for each banning and unbanning. Then we’ll wrap it all up by discussing why there is a B&R list and the reasons for constantly updating it.

Just remember – Dark Ritual is fine.

Timeline of DCI bans & restrictions: http://mtg.gamepedia.com/Timeline_of_DCI_bans_and_restrictions
History of the Banhammer, Pt 1: http://themanapool.com/podcast/episode-462/
History of the Banhammer, Pt 2: http://themanapool.com/podcast/episode-465/
Check out Chris Lansdell’s articles: http://www.starcitygames.com/tags/ChrisLansdell

Check out the sweet cards inspired by our MTG RPG campaign from Shai Ofer! – http://themanapool.com/created-cards/custom-cards-trivester/

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