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Episode 429 – Head-Not-There-Anymore-Osis


After being unable to record last week because Skype hates us, we’re back! Skype still hates us, but we outsmarted its hate. If this episode sounds funny, it’s because Chewie recorded it using his game capture software instead of something that hooks into Skype directly.

We begin this episode with a guest! Joe Hout, a local player and first-time game designer, is an awesome guy. And he’s doing a Kickstarter for his first game, Dragon Draft! We go into lots of details about the game on the episode. For all the information you could want, check out the links below. I really hope some of you guys help Joe out on his Kickstarter, it’s SOOO close and ends VERY soon!

Then, because of all our technical difficulties, we couldn’t really do what we wanted to do this week. So instead we’re taking a look at From the Vault: Lore. We’re gonna go through all the cards in it and talk about how they fit into their various stories, our experiences with them, and whether or not there could be some better choices to represent the story. It was a good discussion that was a lot of fun, so let us know what you guys think of FTV: Lore!

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Episode 428 – Eldritch Moon Prerelease Report

eldritch moon

Hey look, a prerelease happened. Ordinarily that would mean a live episode recorded at said prerelease, but we didn’t do this that time. Instead we’re doing it old-school style and talking about it on the next episode! And since Dirk didn’t hit a prerelease and we didn’t want to bore him, we grabbed our old buddy Bill to take his place this week! You know Bill. He’s also known as Squee over on Monday Night Magic. Yay! So yeah, set looks pretty cool.


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Episode 412 – Eric of Many Shadows

eric of many shadows

Even more Shadows Over Innistrad previews! To help celebrate this awesome set, we’ve brought back one of our favorite guests from back in the day! He has gone by a multitude of handles over the years – Mr. Suitcase, Eric from St. Louis, and plenty more, but he’ll always be Eric of Many Names to us! His family has abandoned him again for a brief vacation, so he’s taking advantage of that by podcasting with us and scanning cards into a QS database.

As far as the set is concerned, it’s still awesome! There are plenty of new cards to talk about this week, so many that we’re not even bothering to try to hit them all. So it’s a much more free-form discussion, bouncing around the card image gallery to hit whatever tickles our fancy. So sit back, relax, and let us know what you think of anything we mentioned this episode!

Follow Eric on Twitter @EricMTGCast

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Episode 400 – The Return of Exiled!

Exiled 400

There’s only one way to celebrate this massive milestone – but we couldn’t rent an elephant. So instead we’re bringing back a fan favorite – Exiled! Remember that? The deckbuilding competition loosely based on Food Network’s show Chopped that Brian came up. Its only other appearance was on Episode 337 (the link is below) waaaaay back in September 2014. You should totally give it a listen first if you haven’t heard it yet!

On this go-round, your host dorks are playing the role of the judges so that we can grab some guests to be contestants! We’re joined by four suckers friends to go through four rounds of restrictive and insane deck construction. Those suckers friends are:

Bill Bloodworth (Squee) of Monday Night Magic & Enchant World@SqueeGoblnNabob
Bryan Prillaman, recently (unjustly IMO) suspended L3 judge of JudgeCast@BryanPrillaman
Chris Lansdell, reformed podcast whore and writer for StarCityGames@lansdellicious
Andrew Hunt, longtime TMP listener, enthusiastic deckbuilder, Kickstarter backer – @IdleCommenter

Everyone get ready, because this episode went for an hour for every hundred episodes! That’s FOUR HOURS in case math & reading aren’t your strong suit. Be sure to check out the links below for the stuff we talked about in the episode, including the TappedOut page for all the decks our suckers friends built! And thank you all so much for getting us all the way to the big 400! We couldn’t have done it without you, and we love you all!

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Episode 393 – School of Movies Epic Crossover!

SOM crossover

Ladies and gentlemen, this is truly something special! Because we recorded on the weekend, Brian and Dirk were unable to join us but don’t worry – I grabbed Bill and Cluze from Monday Night Magic to help us out. I reached out to Alex & Sharon Shaw from the School of Movies podcast and New Century audio drama series to join us, because this one is all about trying to make the Magic movie not suck a giant load of balls! Alex & Sharon talk about film adaptations of nerd culture films a LOT on their show, so they were perfect to bring on. Plus I LOVE their show and really wanted to have them on, so I made this topic up just for that purpose. And Cluze is a big fan of theirs too. And Bill consumes a RIDICULOUS amount of pop culture adaptations AND he’s in marketing. And Mike’s beard is AMAZING. So…yeah, that’s why we’re all here.

Seriously though, adapting a property into film is a dangerous prospect. Not only do you have all the normal problems, you also have to deal with another serious issue – US! The fans are JUST the worst. You know that. So with such an epic scope, you might notice that the episode has an epic length too. We covered how Magic has handled its story-telling over the years. We discuss potential problems that film adaptations have to watch out for. Alex gives us a list of things the Magic movie would need to be good. And of course we have plenty of tangents, movie discussions, and a borderline-unhealthy number of British colloquialisms. You know, because of the Brits.

Alex put the pre- and post-episode behind-the-scenes nonsense on his Patreon, but he made it public for all to enjoy! Be warned: it’s completely raw and uncensored. And let me know if you enjoy it, because I’m thinking about doing this sort of thing for my own Patreon! Check it out here – https://www.patreon.com/posts/magic-movie-at-3595168

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