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Episode 316 – Live from Our Secret Undersea Base

Our Secret Undersea Base

Remember Commander Shenanigans 2? It was episode 303. Later that day, we recorded another episode. This is it. For some reason, when we record one live episode it records through the USB mic, which is why CS2 sounded good. When we record a second one, it defaults to the built-in laptop mic. That happened here, and we didn’t catch it. This episode is a few days late because I decided to try to make it sound better, because it really sounded like crap. Sorry about that, but hopefully you’ll think it was worth the wait.

Since there were five of us (the usual four dorks and Brian’s buddy Jon Raymer), we decided to play a game of Assassin, since it is easily one of Chewie’s favorite game types ever.  This episode is actually a really good way to learn that everyone plays the game differently, as evidenced by some of our reactions to the way Jon started the game (really Chewie was just irritiable at having his Titan killed).

After the Assassin game, Dirk had to leave.  The rest of us took advantage of having time left at the end of the first game to play a “lightning round”.  We all grabbed EDH decks that would lead to relatively quick games and played.  It turns out it wasn’t quite a “lightning” fast game, but it was still quicker than our usual games.  Hope you guys enjoy!

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Episode 314 – Kitchen 2 Tourney 2: The Sequel

Wizards Play Network

Hey look, we actually did the follow-up to last week’s episode!  Because this was a topic suggested by our friend JT (@NerdPop140), we brought him on this week to help us tell you all about it.  But first, we have news!  Anyone under 18 planning to attend Grand Prix Vienna needs to have written parental permission, so click the link below for all that information.  WotC also released the full decklists for the upcoming Jace vs. Vraska Duel Decks, so we’re gonna tell you all about that.  They’re mostly singleton decks, and we think that’s pretty good.

But on to the main topic at hand!  Last week we told you all about the mental preparation for you to make the move from the kitchen table to the FNM or some other tournament scene.  This time we’re focusing on the deck itself.  How do you come up with an idea for your first tournament deck?  How do you go about acquiring the cards for said deck?  And how do you tweak the deck to make sure it’ll do the best it can?  We’ll discuss all of that and more on this episode!  As always, if you guys have any other ideas for any of this, let us know!

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Episode 310 – Bowtie of the Gods

Born of the Gods

In case you couldn’t tell from the amazing title, the dorks are joined this week by our favorite Level 2 judge and Monday Night Magic cohost, Cluze!  I can say that because Prillaman is a Level 3 now.  Dr. Science comes on to help us take a look at the full Born of the Gods set before the prerelease.  Yes I know it’s after the prerelease now, but give me a break here.  There’s not much else to say, so everyone give it a listen and enjoy!

Follow Cluze on Twitter: @lacluyze
Listen to Cluze on Card Advantage – http://mtgcast.com/topics/mtgcast-podcast-shows/active-podcast-shows/card-advantage


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Episode 309 – Inane Segues

Born of the Gods

In case you weren’t aware, we’re still knocking out those Born of the Gods previews.  We recorded this the day the FAQ was accidentally put up, but we didn’t actually do any of those cards.  That would have been a really long show, and that’s turrible.  As has become tradition during preview season, we reached through the internet and snatched up our old buddy Bill Bloodworth (@SqueeGoblnNabob) to join in the fun.  Then we all ate cake!

Okay, we didn’t eat cake.  But it’s still a good, cake-free, low-calorie episode! And blame Chewie for being whelmed.


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Episode 308 – Dual-Colored Gods

Mogis, God of Slaughter

On this episode, the dorks take on all the news and the first round of Born of the Gods spoilers!  There’s a serious amount of bizarre news, from coins to a movie to a high-priced Modern Event Deck announcement.  News you can use?  Probably not, but there’s plenty enough news here!  All the links are down below, so follow along if you want!

After that, we have a super secret special guest!  So secret that we didn’t actually know about him until he was on the show!  But out of nowhere we invited JT to join us for previews!  You know him from our GP Charlotte episode and I’m pretty sure he was on another episode at some point.  You’ve got a search bar on the site, if you wanna hear him again I’m sure you can find him.  He’s pretty awesome, and so are the new mechanics and some of the new cards from Born of the Gods!

Everyone enjoy, then go follow JT on Twitter, he’s @NerdPop140!

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