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For You (Mana Pool Mix) – Spruke (mix by Daniel Beach)

As featured in Episode 216, here is the awesome new audio montage made for us by Daniel Beach (who was also a guest host on that one).  He took an unfinished Sprukestep track from the upcoming Factor Friction album (that Spruke posted up to SoundCloud) and peppered in a lot of random Mana Pool goodness. He said he did it entirely in Audacity, which is pretty ridiculous for a free program.

Just like Jungle Rat Rob before him, Beach has managed to capture the essence of The Mana Pool.  As I’ve been saying for a very long time now, we’re here for your entertainment first and foremost.  If you learn something along the way, that’s freakin’ great, but our primary function is just to ensure that you have fun listening to us.

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Jungle Rat Rob – 150 Fast Effects Resolving

Jungle Rat Rob from Ninja Gaiden 2For hitting 150 episodes and/or 3 years of being on the air, our old buddy Jungle Rat Rob of The Retro League podcast has put together another one of his awesome audio montages, spliced together with Praise You by Fatboy Slim.  Lots of these clips came from our guest host episodes, so keep an eye out for some voices from other podcasts, including the Avant-Card Show, MTG Radio, and possibly even Rob himself.  There may or may not even be other voices on here somewhere, I’m not entirely sure.

As always, Rob has managed to capture the essence of the show’s appeal.  I really believe that people listen to us because we remind them of their own group of friends.  We try to make each other laugh while we’re sitting around talking about Magic.  I think everyone can relate to that, because anyone listening to this show probably does that on a regular basis.  Much like our podcast, there is very little actual Magic content here, so it’s appropriate.  It really seems like I spend a lot of time giggling, doesn’t it?  Thanks again to Rob for the most excellent hilarity, we appreciate it as always!

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Jungle Rat Rob – Mana Pool 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jungle Rat Rob from Ninja Gaiden 2Here it is, as promised. For hitting our 100th episode, Jungle Rat Rob (Rob Anderson) has worked his audio editing magic again and come up with another great clip compilation! This time it’s got so much funny that he couldn’t fit it all in one song, so he used three. We have the Superman Main Theme by John Williams, Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian, and Simple Passing by Hammerbox. This also features cameos by Claire (the hot one from the Avant-Card Show), AJ (of “Kill AJ” fame), and our oft-mentioned fan/stalker, Ben (Panahinuva on the forums).

And again, Rob has managed to capture the essence of what makes the show fun. As before, it’s light on actual Magic content, but heavy on awesomesauce. He manages to illuminate who we hosts really are and exactly what it is that makes this show worth listening to. There’s lots of giggling, guffawing, picking on Chewie, and random nonsense that you’ve come to expect from us here on The Mana Pool. Thank you so much again for the most excellent tribute Rob, we really really appreciate it. And hopefully, all you listeners out there checking this out will agree!

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Jungle Rat Rob – No One Expects the Mana Pool

Jungle Rat Rob from Ninja Gaiden 2To honor our one-year anniversary, we offer you this song for direct download.  By taking sound clips from around 10 episodes and splicing them together with Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim and a few of the DELETED buzzer sounds from Strong Bad Emails, Rob Anderson created something we dorks will treasure always.

First featured in episode 52, this piece of audio goodness really captures the personalities of hosts of The Mana Pool.  He cuts down through all the Magic and the content of the show to show you a glimpse of who we really are and why we love doing the show.  So here it is for all to enjoy at your convenience.  I give you No One Expects the Mana Pool by JungleRatRob.

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