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Episode 429 – Head-Not-There-Anymore-Osis

After being unable to record last week because Skype hates us, we’re back! Skype still hates us, but we outsmarted its hate. If this episode sounds funny, it’s because Chewie recorded it using his game capture software instead of something that hooks into Skype directly.

We begin this episode with a guest! Joe Hout, a local player and first-time game designer, is an awesome guy. And he’s doing a Kickstarter for his first game, Dragon Draft! We go into lots of details about the game on the episode. For all the information you could want, check out the links below. I really hope some of you guys help Joe out on his Kickstarter, it’s SOOO close and ends VERY soon!

Then, because of all our technical difficulties, we couldn’t really do what we wanted to do this week. So instead we’re taking a look at From the Vault: Lore. We’re gonna go through all the cards in it and talk about how they fit into their various stories, our experiences with them, and whether or not there could be some better choices to represent the story. It was a good discussion that was a lot of fun, so let us know what you guys think of FTV: Lore!

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Episode 383 – In the Arms of the Angels

The full list for From the Vault: Angels was revealed! Because so many of the included angels were touchstones of our Magic-playing careers, we decided to actually go deep on these! We’re taking a look at each one and discussing why it’s in the FTV, drooling over new art, and remembering our own experiences. And that’s only half the episode!

One of our awesome Kickstarter rewards was for a Story Circle that we would then put together and send to the backer. And on this episode, we’re finally getting around to it. He wanted a Captain Sisay deck, so this one’s for you John! To see the full list that we came up with, check the link below!

FTV: Angels full reveal – http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/vault-angels-2015-08-10
Backer Reward Story Circle – http://themanapool.com/the-deck-box/storycircle383edh/

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Episode 289 – Vault Boy Turns Twenty

On this episode, the dorks take a nice long look at From the Vault: Twenty.  We’re taking a long look at each card in it and explaining (to the best of our ability anyway) why it deserves to be there.  Of course, with an in-depth discussion of each card, this topic went on longer than we thought it would.  So after that we did some quickfire news, taking a look at the Hall of Fame, Worlds, and the new Holiday Gift Box before calling it an episode.  Hope everyone enjoys!

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