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Episode 552 – Flavor Fight: Planeswalker Edition

It’s time for another Flavor Fight! This time the contestants are mustard, mayo, honey, and…wait, what? NO!

Okay, now that THAT’S out of the way, let’s actually do another Flavor Fight! As you might have been able to tell from the title and/or thumbnail, we’re doing a Planeswalker Flavor Fight!

But also because I’m pretty sick of hearing about the 37 planeswalkers that got cards in War of the Spark, we’re limiting our contestants to ones that A) had no card in War and 2) we know more than two lines’ worth of information about. Sorry to all you Will & Rowan Kenrith fans out there – both of you.

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Episode 547 – One Epic Flavor Fight

The dorks have a fun little episode this week, even though Dirk is missing. For…reasons. Also, we weren’t able to live stream this episode because of some bizarre issues. Sorry about that.

We begin with some news, some of which is real and some of which Brian may have found in questionable corners of the internet. Then it’s time for another of Brian’s Magic Mad Libs, which are always a hoot. Even though there are only two of us to give him cards, we still managed to make it pretty funny.

From there we go on to what we have decided to call a Flavor Fight! We’ve got a bracket of creatures ready to face off in a battle of Vorthosian proportions! This one got a little out of hand since I was kind of delirious when I made up the bracket. But bear with us! It is, as the title says, an epic flavor fight!

And don’t forget, next week we finally get to show our FIVE War of the Spark preview cards as part of that day’s scene! For more information there’s a link down below!

Oh, and I was watching the Mythic Invitational while doing the editing, so if there are any problems I apologize.

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Episode 534 – Solid Gold Flavor Fight

The dorks bring back a featured segment they haven’t done a good long while…a Flavor Fight! We’ve called it many things over the years, mostly involving words from the titles of fighting games. This time, we went with the Random Card feature in Gatherer until we hit gold creatures! The bracket is set, the rules are fuzzy, and the dorks are ready to argue! Can a monk withstand a faerie’s feminine wiles? Can a demon look madness in the tentacled face without blinking? How much does size matter?

Oh, and there’s another adorable Sam Quiz at the beginning. I think she might have been reading too much Harry Potter. Just saying.

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Episode 397 – A Tale of Statues, Maggots, and Atlanta

This episode begins with Brian and Mike regaling us with the tale of their adventures in the blighted, frozen wasteland of Atlanta. They went to GP Atlanta, in case you didn’t know. Between the main event, side events, meeting some of you guys, and the prize wall they’ve got plenty to tell! Sealed, Draft, Commander, and even Legacy all come into play!

After that we’re doing a segment we haven’t seen in a good long while. It has gone by many names, but this time we’re simply calling it a Flavor Fight! The Random Card button in Gatherer gave us 8 rare non-legendary contestants, and we pitch them against each other in a single elimination tournament! We’re ignoring card stats and going right to the art and flavor of the card to determine the winner! These are always a lot of fun, so let us know what you think!


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