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Chewie’s Mom Opens Packs: Fallen Empires Edition

Mom is back again! Mike gave us a two-man draft set of Fallen Empires to open because drafting it is kind of miserable. You get a little bit of history, some pack-opening fun , and a whole lot of Mom being adorable!

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but this was recorded the same day as the last video. In case you were wondering why mom is hung up on the gender of these cards, it’s because of the Tor Wauki disagreement in the Chronicles video, which happened just a few minutes ago for us.

Next up (you know, whenever it finally happens): Viewer-submitted packs!

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Fallen Empires Winchester Draft

Fallen Empires

Hey look, another draft video with an extremely old set!  If you’ve watched these before, you know the story.  Mike had more money than he had sense, and ended up buying unopened boxes of some seriously old Magic sets.  What do you do with unopened boxes of seriously old Magic sets?  Why, you stream two-man Winchester Drafts of them!  Don’t let’s be silly!

But this time, we’re drafting the dreaded Fallen Empires.  The first tribal set!  Of course, half of those tribes are almost extinct nowadays, but we won’t hold it against them.  Homarids just needed to die, after all.  Storyline-wise, this set was all about each color handling its own internal conflict, rather than pitting the colors against each other.  There were two warring factions in each color, giving the set a bizarre disconnected feel (in my opinion, anyway).

Now for some tidbits of interest.  Fallen Empires was MASSIVELY overprinted.  Seriously, these things were everywhere.  And they still are!  It’s a good thing they didn’t come with gum like old baseball cards, or else there would have a serious chance of having to deal with mutated oozes.  It was also the last time the tilted T was used to indicate tapping (that nifty little curved arrow thing showed up in the next set).  And if you look very carefully at the mana symbols on these cards compared to sets that came after, you’ll see that this is the last set with the “original” ones.  It’s easiest to tell on the white symbol.

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