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Episode 600 – Exiled!

THIS IS IT! This number is just ridiculous, so we decided to do something ridiculous to celebrate! We are joined by four excellent guests to be contestants in the return of Exiled, our deckbuilding game show! It’s like Chopped, but with Magic cards! We’ve got the original voice of Casual Magic himself, Anthony Alongi (@anthonyaalongi), digital alterer and longtime listener ALK Alters (@AltersALK), content creator extraordinaire DeQuan Watson (@PowrDragn), and the always infectious & enthusiastic Chase (@ManaCurves). This is a long one (of course) but it’s SO MUCH FUN the entire time! Who will come out on top as the Exiled Champion?

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Episode 400 – The Return of Exiled!

There’s only one way to celebrate this massive milestone – but we couldn’t rent an elephant. So instead we’re bringing back a fan favorite – Exiled! Remember that? The deckbuilding competition loosely based on Food Network’s show Chopped that Brian came up. Its only other appearance was on Episode 337 (the link is below) waaaaay back in September 2014. You should totally give it a listen first if you haven’t heard it yet!

On this go-round, your host dorks are playing the role of the judges so that we can grab some guests to be contestants! We’re joined by four suckers friends to go through four rounds of restrictive and insane deck construction. Those suckers friends are:

Bill Bloodworth (Squee) of Monday Night Magic & Enchant World@SqueeGoblnNabob
Bryan Prillaman, recently (unjustly IMO) suspended L3 judge of JudgeCast@BryanPrillaman
Chris Lansdell, reformed podcast whore and writer for StarCityGames@lansdellicious
Andrew Hunt, longtime TMP listener, enthusiastic deckbuilder, Kickstarter backer – @IdleCommenter

Everyone get ready, because this episode went for an hour for every hundred episodes! That’s FOUR HOURS in case math & reading aren’t your strong suit. Be sure to check out the links below for the stuff we talked about in the episode, including the TappedOut page for all the decks our suckers friends built! And thank you all so much for getting us all the way to the big 400! We couldn’t have done it without you, and we love you all!

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Exiled! Competition Decks (Episode 337)


On Episode 337 of The Mana Pool, we took a week off from news, discussions, and all the usual stuff to bring you one of Brian’s brilliant ideas: Exiled!  He took the basic idea of the Food Network show Chopped! and applied it to Magic.  For a full explanation, go listen to the episode, because everything in this post counts as a spoiler!

All the decklists that came out of the first episode of Exiled! are contained here.  If you don’t want to know who won or who got Exiled in what round, then seriously stop reading now.

There was a slight problem with one of the decklists.  It disappeared between now and recording.  I listened to the episode and attempted to recreate the deck from the description given in the episode.


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Episode 337 – Exiled! (Series Premiere)


Welcome to the series premiere of Exiled! on The Mana Pool.  Conceived and hosted by our own Brian Baker, Exiled! may or may not…borrow…some ideas from the Food Network show Chopped!  But surely not, because that doesn’t happen anywhere ever.

The idea is that the Judge gives the competitors three cards that they must use in their decks.  The competitors can then choose a card that only they can use in their deck, potentially hamstringing their fellow deckbuilders.  After a rushed 10 minute deckbuilding session, the decks are presented to the judge.  He then determines which deck is the least impressive, and that deckbuilder leaves the competition and joins the judging team.  There may or may not be additional rules in subsequent rounds.  We brought in our old buddy Bill Bloodworth (@SqueeGoblnNabob) to help us out with this too!

Be sure to let us know what you think, because we had a LOT of fun with this and would love to do this again if you are interested!

And don’t worry, we’ll hit all the big news and stuff next week!


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