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Episode 548 – Epic War of the Spark Previews (with Exclusives!)

War of the Spark previews are upon us! And we just happen to have FIVE cards to show off! We’re doing something a little different with our previews this time, we hope you enjoy it! Yay free previews!

But first Samantha joins us for a Sam Quiz! After that it’s time to hit the War of the Spark mechanics and check out all the cards from the story scenes thus far! After finally finishing with all that we’ll jump over to the Card Image Gallery to pick out a few more neat ones before we wrap up this epic length episode!

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Episode 533 – Our Ultimate Masters Preview

We’ve got a card to reveal for UMA! It’s Visions of Beyond! We spend some time wondering what that means for the rest of UMA (like, is there some kind of milling subtheme?) then go over the cards that were revealed via the Ultimate Box Toppers.

After that we’ve got a pretty sweet Mad Lib, sent in to us by listener Magnor Criol. It’s a good one, so thanks a lot Andrew!


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Episode 525 – Why Did It Have to be Spiders? (Exclusive GRN Preview)

Our exclusive (and free) Guilds of Ravnica preview is here! It hits a note for all four dorks, which is pretty neat for a single card. After that there are a lot of sweet Guilds cards to talk about, so we’re gonna spend the entire episode doing that!

Our exclusive preview card, Hatchery Spider – http://themanapool.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Hatchery_Spider_EN.png

Guilds of Ravnica Card Image Gallery: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/guilds-ravnica-2018-09-17
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Episode 504 – Our Exclusive Dominaria Preview!

This is it! The Mana Pool has finally gotten our very own never-before-seen preview card! It seems fitting since we just hit 500 episodes AND we’re going back home to Dominaria! Not only are we talking about our sweet card, but we’re also covering a lot of the other completely awesome cards that have been revealed! The discussions to be had are a combination of power, flavor, value, and sheer awesomeness. From the new Weatherlight crew to the historical significance of legendary sorceries & sagas to the super sweet references, everything is awesome in Dominaria and we absolutely can’t wait to get it in our hands!

Click here to see our super sweet exclusive preview card! – http://themanapool.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/TMP-DOM-card.png

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