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Episode 364 – Ancient Carp: Best Card in Dragons!

This episode the dorks are joined by an old friend – Eric of Many Names! (@EricMTGCast on Twitter) He used to hold the record for most guest appearances on the show (until Bill gradually stole it from him), and he’s back this week to talk about Dragons of Tarkir! Rather than do the usual thing where we just pick cards we like seemingly at random, Brian had a neat idea. We’re each going to create a pack of cards from the set – 9 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and a “foil” that can be anything. All five of us made up a pack, and there wasn’t as much overlap as you might think! So get ready for a massive dose of Dragons with our friendly voice from the past!

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Episode 362 – Dragons / Tempest

Dragon Tempest

Since neverending preview season is upon us yet again, we’re taking a look at the first batch of new cards from Dragons of Tarkir. Previews just started the day before we recorded, so there aren’t terribly many yet. Don’t worry though, we’ll make up for that on the next couple episodes.

Because we were so short on previews, we had to fill the time with something. Last week they announced Tempest Remastered for Magic Online, so what better way to finish the episode than to run a Mythic Conscription on Tempest? We couldn’t think of anything better either, so that’s what we did! Man, old Magic sets are SO incredibly bizarre by today’s standards.


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