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Squee Draft: Squee Tries Thieving Mitts in an M15 Draft

Squee Draft Rogue's Gloves

Squee catapults into an 8-4 for the Magic 2015 Release and takes the blue/white evasion draft archetype out for a spin. Along the way, he gives Rogue’s Gloves a shot, picking it over Divination largely because if it’s going to work anywhere, it’s here. He then leans a bit heavily on Avacyn, dumps a bunch of squids on the ground with no Islands to Islandwalk, and wonders if Military Intelligence would actually work better in this deck.

This was recorded during the release week, so the format was still new enough that a lot of these choices may look pretty dumb with our current format awareness. Squee drafts are about experimentation, so suboptimal picks aren’t uncommon, but keep that context in mind before criticizing the card choices too closely.

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Fallen Empires Winchester Draft

Fallen Empires

Hey look, another draft video with an extremely old set!  If you’ve watched these before, you know the story.  Mike had more money than he had sense, and ended up buying unopened boxes of some seriously old Magic sets.  What do you do with unopened boxes of seriously old Magic sets?  Why, you stream two-man Winchester Drafts of them!  Don’t let’s be silly!

But this time, we’re drafting the dreaded Fallen Empires.  The first tribal set!  Of course, half of those tribes are almost extinct nowadays, but we won’t hold it against them.  Homarids just needed to die, after all.  Storyline-wise, this set was all about each color handling its own internal conflict, rather than pitting the colors against each other.  There were two warring factions in each color, giving the set a bizarre disconnected feel (in my opinion, anyway).

Now for some tidbits of interest.  Fallen Empires was MASSIVELY overprinted.  Seriously, these things were everywhere.  And they still are!  It’s a good thing they didn’t come with gum like old baseball cards, or else there would have a serious chance of having to deal with mutated oozes.  It was also the last time the tilted T was used to indicate tapping (that nifty little curved arrow thing showed up in the next set).  And if you look very carefully at the mana symbols on these cards compared to sets that came after, you’ll see that this is the last set with the “original” ones.  It’s easiest to tell on the white symbol.

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Squee Draft #6 – Spooky Murder

Murder of CrowsA what of crows?

The truth is out there. Prerelease prices suck and Squee is long overdue for a draft, so everyone’s favorite goblin cook dives one last time into the belly of Dark Ascension before the Helvault cracks open and reasonable draft prices fall out. Squee finally gets a chance to travel down the Drogskol Captain path after three months of settling for zombie and vampire captains, but will his captain stand well against a Drogskol Reaver in the early rounds?  Squee takes advantage of the quirkiness of the 4-3-2-2 crowd to construct a morbid engine out of Stitcher’s Apprentice accompanied by Murder of Crows, Selhoff Occultist, and Undead Alchemist. This episode also features the debut of special effects! See if you can spot Madden-style visual queues whenever Squee does something monumentally goblin-like and marvel at his ability to flail under pressure as Squee bids adieu to flip cards, Fateful Hour, and his good friend Undead Alchemist. Will Avacyn Restored draft be an amazing experience of style and substance? I want to believe!

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Mirage Winchester Draft


As you may have heard, a while back Mike made a series of spectacularly bad eBay decisions and ended up with some unopened boxes of some old sets.  You saw the first of these in our Homelands Winchester, which was actually a lot of fun and I highly recommend that you go watch it.  If you have no experience with the old sets, it’s cool to check out how far things have come.  And if you have played with them, it’s a nice bit of nostalgia.

But we had so much fun with Homelands that we decided to give it another go.  This time, Mike brought over his box of Mirage!  Ah yes, Mirage.  For the record, I hate hate HATE Femeref Healers.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Mirage brought us bizarre new things like phasing and flanking, but let’s not hate on it too much for those.  Flanking was actually pretty cool.  Mirage also gave us the very first appearance of charms!  You know, cheap modal spells that have 3 useful-but-not-really-worth-a-card abilities on them.  Charms have popped up 6 times now, but Mirage was the first.

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Squee Draft #5 – Squee Finds a Shovel and Keeps On Digging

Everyone’s favorite goblin (except for those Slobad fans, weirdos) is back with another DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft from MTGO.  Squee loved his mill deck from the last Squee Draft video SO MUCH (but not as much as his toy of course!) that he decided to give it another shot, especially since he was able to find the BEST pieces for it!  Anyway, I’ll leave him to it so he can tell you all about it.  Don’t forget, you can follow Squee on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob and I highly recommend it, he’s definitely entertaining! – Chewie

Squee lucks out and manages to draft two of his favorite cards in the block for a return to the fabled zombie mill archetype. Not to go unchallenged, Squee once again faces off against a rival mill machine in the very first round. Squee employs mythic monsters, dabbles in undead alchemy, and toys with the Brink in an attempt to assemble a terrifying force of zombie horror. One way or another, Squee is here it pick at your brain and embrace the strange interactions available within the world of Innistrad.


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