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Episode 522 – Professor Beard Teaches Exile

Professor Beard is back! In his first lecture he taught us all about the evolution of the Graveyard (Episode 509), where we were amazed at just how much of the Graveyard’s flavor and function came early in Magic’s life. This time the Prof is teaching us all about RFG, which is Removed From Game. Also Set Aside. Also Hovering 8 Inches Above the Table. Eventually, it became the Exile we know and love today. And again, you might be as surprised as we were at how much of its flavor and functionality came from the early days of Magic.

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Episode 509 – Professor Beard Teaches Graveyards

Graveyards in Magic are an interesting thing. In so many other games it’s just a discard pile, but MTG uses the graveyard for a variety of functions. Mike (Professor Beard) is going to walk us through the history of the graveyard from its origins in Alpha, set by set, until the current day. He’ll point out mechanics (both keyworded and not) and new design space and ways to interact with the graveyard that come up as we move forward in time. Big thanks to Drew for the suggestion and to Mike for putting serious time into the research for this episode!

Oh yeah, we’re covering the Brawl changes that were announced the day of recording. And Brian learned about something new and wants to share in his final thought. Here’s a relevant friendly reminder to everyone: no one owes you any kind of physical gratification.

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Episode 498 – Magic: The Video Gamening

Magic is venturing out into video games again! With Arena, a MOBA, and an MMO all in the works, we started wondering what other flavors of video games Magic would fit into. It turns out MTG fits into almost anything, from city building to fighting to 4X grand strategy to kart racing, with plenty of others besides. This is a fun one you guys!

Because we’re talking about many different video game genres I asked Cap, whose name really is Stephen Rogers, to join us. He’s from the Lair of Lore, primarily focusing on streaming a ridiculous number of games on Twitch. Like a lot.

Oh yeah, we covered all the stuff in the Valentine’s Day Mini-Announcement Day too.

Check out Cap’s channel: twitch.tv/lairoflore
Also Twitter @LairofLore
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Episode 496 – Instant Worldbuilding

We all love the Magic Mad Libs, right? We rattle off some cards, we get a funny story, we laugh, and that’s it, right? But what if our Mad Lib was actually hiding something from us? What if…there were consequences?

In the aftermath of our Mad Lib, we’re building a new set! With some stipulations coming from the Mad Lib itself, it’s up to the dorks to figure out how to make this random nonsense work together in a way that isn’t completely ridiculous. And you know what? We actually did a good job with it! Be sure to let us know what you think about our set and how you would have done it!

Masters 25 packaging – https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/masters-25-packaging-2018-02-02
The MTG Mobile MOBA – https://venturebeat.com/2018/02/05/magic-the-gathering-and-netmarble-announce-project-m-for-mobile
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Episode 494 – Friendly Bannings

Has your playgroup ever issued a ban on certain cards or combinations of cards? Have you ever made the decision to stop playing something because, while it might have been effective, it just wasn’t FUN? That’s what the dorks are discussing this week with our own experiences playing lots of Magic as a group over the years.

Also WotC has revealed the structure of MTG Arena’s in-game economy and card acquisition, so we spent some time going over all that. Seems workable, so we can’t wait to see how it feels!

MTG Arena Economy: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/magic-digital/developing-mtg-arena-economy-2018-01-17

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