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Episode 607 – The Final TMP of 2020

This was recorded six months ago on Dec 17, 2020. It was recorded on Chewie’s old laptop because the dead computer. It was supposed to get posted a few days later, but then I was delayed because of putting the new computer together, and then getting bummed out, and then getting distracted, and then holidays, and and and. But here it is now!

Chewie tells the tale of December, that has focused all of its 2020 wrath on him at once. We reflect on the frustrations that come from watching our fellow humans not take the massive global pandemic seriously. We all share personal stories of what this horrible hell year has been like for us. We head into Magic territory to discuss what WotC has been up to this year and why that’s got us all vaguely (or in one case, specifically) disillusioned with it. Then we turn to the current political landscape in the US, but luckily not for long. Then we look at what we would all like for 2021 to make it a better year for everyone.

Sorry for not getting this out in 2020, but crap happens and decided to happen to me. I hope you’re all being safe in 2021 since this first week has been the longest 3 months ever. 

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Episode 592 – The Good Boys & the Ugly Underbelly

Hey we’re back! We took a couple weeks off, first to do a non-podcast chatting stream and then out of respect for the Black Lives Matter movement. By the way, Black Lives Matter. Also, Trans Rights are Human Rights. Got that?

The dorks are first concerned for Dirk, who just hadn’t responded to any of our attempts to contact him when he didn’t show up for the recording. Then we cover the recent racism concerns that have come to light about Wizards of the Coast, including their decision to remove card images from Gatherer and straight-up ban a handful of potentially problematic cards.

So then we get to move over to the Core Set 2021 previews! Because yes, it’s preview time again! There’s a lot of neat stuff in here, so let’s spend the rest of the episode having fun checking out all the new cards and reprints! AND SO MANY DOGGOS!

Oh, and Dirk did finally reappear, so you can stop worrying about him.

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Episode 585 – Just Chatting

This episode is going be a bit different. With all the coronavirus stuff going on across the world and tensions running high everywhere, the dorks couldn’t just ignore it all and talk about Magic. While escapism is great, sometimes you’ve got to face the facts. So the first part of this episode is all about how COVID-19 is affecting us and why we need to embrace social distancing. This is genuinely important. Please stay home unless you HAVE to leave.

But after that, we decided to do something different. We’re doing an entire episode of final thoughts! We’re touching on the big Year of the Phoenix update from Hearthstone that introduces an ENTIRE NEW CLASS (!) and sends a lot of heavily-played cards to the Hall of Fame. Then there’s the Castlevania anime, Designing Women, random bits of racism in public, working from home, DoorDashing during these troubling times, ManaStrike, and how movie theaters actually work. Then we’re doing a new Mad Lib, sent to us by Infinious, and it turned out REALLY well. 

Oh by the way, Mike’s getting married.

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Episode 583 – Just Talking Dragons

You like dragons, right? Of course you like dragons! Who doesn’t like dragons? Dragons are quite possibly the biggest and most well known…thing to come out of fantasy. Ever. They’re all over the place these days, from video games to a mega popular HBO series.

And we love dragons too! And since this is a Magic podcast, we’re actually just going to talk about dragons in Magic. Like, the cards. Not a history lesson, not a biology lesson, none of that. We’re just looking back at some of our favorite dragon cards, our least favorite dragon cards, dragon art that spoke to us, disappointing dragons, anything we can think of really. Feel free to let us know what are your favorite Magic dragons and let us know if there are any other creature types we should just talk about!

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Episode 574 – Historic Anthology: TMP Edition

The dorks are back with more timely content! First up we have to comment on the recent massive B&R update, because it was pretty big. But then we’re shifting to the Historic Anthology announcement for Magic Arena! They’re adding 20 cards from the pre-Historic era (can’t believe we missed that joke on the show!) to Arena for use in the new format and Chewie thought we could totally do that too!

Each of the four dorks picked out five cards of our own to add to Historic! We each came at this from a different angle, so we ended up with a pretty sweet Historic Anthology: TMP Edition. Let us know what you’d put into Historic!

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