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Episode 544 – Dorky Deckbuilding Advice

First up the dorks are taking a look at the brand new reveal of Modern Horizons! Two of them hadn’t seen it yet, so we get actual first impressions!

Then it’s time for the main topic of this week’s episode, suggested by the TMP Discord server – deckbuilding! We’ll explain why some old deckbuilding rules we learned aren’t great and offer up plenty of actual tips. And we’ll even go further than that and discuss building for different environments and playgroups with plenty of personal experiences thrown in for good measure.

Let us know what we missed!

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Episode 530 – Ms. Pashiri If You’re Nasty

This week, Brian really wanted to talk about how the Standard rotation affected Brawl. Not how it affected Brawl in general exactly, but how it affected his Brawl decks specifically. So we’re talking about what’s coming out of his five decks and talking to chat for replacements! It’s essentially a big deck-tweaking episode! Let us know what you think!

And if you think this episode’s name is weird, wait until you hear the one I didn’t use!

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Episode 387 – Land On Your Feet

It’s time to do a segment that we do so incredibly infrequently that it doesn’t even have a name! It begins with a simple topic that we each build a deck around. The other two times we did it, the topics were “lifegain” and “counters”. This time, it was equally simple – “lands”. The other times we’ve done this we each built vastly different decks from our simple one-word prompt, and this time is no different! If you want to see our lists, the link is down below!

After that it’s on to the Battle for Zendikar previews! Since the last time we recorded a ridiculous amount of information came out of PAX. Oh, and it’s the first week of previews. Rather than trying to catch up completely, we’re just going to hit the high notes of the new stuff. You know, the mechanics, the big story characters, the marketing stunts.

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Land On Your Feet Deck Lists

The dorks took a simple prompt and built decks around it! This time, the prompt was “lands”.  As always seems to happen when we do this, these ended up being vastly different from each other. Here are the decks we came up with in the order they were presented on the episode.

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Episode 357 – Bosco’s Fifteen Minutes of Fame!

Bosco TMP

This is our first episode featuring the Kickstarter backers who chose the “come on the show” reward tier! The inaugural guest is Bosco from Washington, who brings with him a nice wide-open topic. So wide-open in fact that we could easily do several episodes just on this sort of thing.

DECKBUILDING! We’re taking a look at the various methods that we all use to build casual decks. There are many many ways to build a deck, whether it’s a 60-card casual deck, a Commander deck, or a tournament deck. Building around a specific card, a mechanic, a tribe, flavor, tweaking something that’s already been built, and more. We’re taking a very quick look at them all, because taking a long look at each one would take several hours. I’m pretty sure we’ll end up coming back to some of this in the future.

We hope you guys enjoy! Big thanks to Bosco for backing us and coming onto the show with an excellent topic! Keep an ear out for more Fifteen Minutes of Fame! episodes (Bosco’s great idea for a title) in the next few weeks! Hopefully anyway.


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