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Episode 515 – Revving Up with Core Set 2019

The dorks are back for more Core Set 2019! In fact, it’s ALL of Core Set 2019, since there was apparently only one week of previews. We’re jumping around the set, talking about all the awesome flavor, sweet art, powerful cards, and useful answers that it’s bringing us!

Some of these cards really do rev Brian up. Seriously. Also, bear with Mike, we’re still working on teaching him how to read. And talk. And count.
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Episode 514 – The Return of the Core

After not recording for a staggering 2 weeks in a row, the dorks are back! We’ve got a very cheeky Sam Quiz to kick off the whole thing, because what’s a better way to get back into the groove?

After that, we’re all-in on Core Set 2019 previews! After 3 years without a Core Set, Magic has decided that it’s a necessity. So they’ve changed the way they build these sets, with beginner-friendly cards at common & uncommon and laser-focused answers and super-neat cards at rare & mythic!

Captain Sniffles rides again! And the Beardy Man has completely forgotten how Magic cards work! Will our heroes get through the episode without incident? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

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