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Episode 327 – Death’s Approach

Touch of Death

On this episode, the dorks are taking a look at death in Magic.  Some of the planes we’ve visited over the years actually go into specifics about what happens when you die.  Ravnica, Theros, and Innistrad, for example, paint a fairly clear picture of the afterlife.  Most of the other planes mention it only casually or only bring it up as a way to justify reanimation spells.

But we’re taking a look at all of them, whether it makes any sense or not.  We hope you enjoy the discussion, because it’ll be the last one you get for a while since previews will start next episode!

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Episode 326 – At the Movies with The Mana Pool

At the Movies

The dorks begin this episode by telling you all about how awesome Conspiracy draft is.  And it is.  Like a lot.  Seriously, go do some Conspiracy drafting, it’s SO much fun!

But after that, we decided to do something silly.  We’ve done it before with video games and again with television shows, so it’s time we do it again.  We’re taking a look at movies and imagining what kinds of Magic cards we could get out of them.  With everything from Wizard of Oz to the Princess Bride to slasher movies to action movies, we’re covering a lot of stuff.  And we’re even staying away from most of the really obvious fantasy franchises like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and the like, just to make it more interesting.  Let us know what we missed!


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Story Circle for Episode 325

Marchesa, the Black Rose

Here’s the Story Circle we did on Episode 325!  We were going to do something completely different this episode (which you can still hear on episode 326 once it goes up!), but we spent entirely too much time on Conspiracy card discussions.  Since we didn’t have time to give our intended topic the treatment it deserves, we hurriedly decided to pick one of the new legends from Conspiracy and do a Story Circle!  This one looks like a lot of fun to play.  That could be because it bears a small resemblance to some other Commander decks we’ve played or created in the past.  Either way, hope everyone enjoys!

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Episode 325 – Conspiring on a Story Circle

Marchesa, the Black Rose

This episode begins with a short look at the rest of the Conspiracy Card Image Gallery, now that the full set is on there.  And by short, I mean we went on for EVER and EVER because there’s SO MUCH good stuff!  No really, we had to put off what we were originally going to do this episode because we spent so long being Conspiratorial.

That being said, we panicked slightly and decided to do a Story Circle with one of the new Conspiracy legends.  We randomly picked one and took turns build a deck around it.  If you’d like to follow along, the link to the accompanying post is right below!

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Episode 324 – MTG, JB, Ctrl-V, OMG

Little Girl

This episode is all over the place.  We didn’t really have a central topic this week, so it’s sort of a potpourri of nonsense.  We had plenty of speculation about the next block, then Brian left for the night.  Then there was lawsuit talk, which everyone should totally read.  There’s a Kickstarter for crazy custom deck boxes, jailbait songs, sweet Terese Nielsen lands, and plenty of Conspiracy cards to talk about.  We hope you all enjoy the randomness!


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