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Episode 571 – Brian Talks Brawl Rotation

Since Standard rotated with Throne of Eldraine that means Brawl rotated too! And our own rambling dork Brian is ALL ABOUT some Brawl, so he wanted to do an episode about it! So we’re gonna hit what left Standard and what that means for Brawl, with Brian’s decks as an example. There’s a good amount of discussion with the live Twitch chat too, which is why you should come join us live on Thursday nights!

If you have any Brawl plans in the new post-rotation format, let us know!

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Episode 530 – Ms. Pashiri If You’re Nasty

This week, Brian really wanted to talk about how the Standard rotation affected Brawl. Not how it affected Brawl in general exactly, but how it affected his Brawl decks specifically. So we’re talking about what’s coming out of his five decks and talking to chat for replacements! It’s essentially a big deck-tweaking episode! Let us know what you think!

And if you think this episode’s name is weird, wait until you hear the one I didn’t use!

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Episode 510 – Brawling with Buddies Live!

The dorks gathered at Dirk’s house to try out Brawl! Despite half of us not knowing how turn order actually works, we actually managed to play with the four Brawl decks Brian built for us! Our Brawl Commanders are Aryel, Muldrotha, Firesong & Sunspeaker, and Radha!

Have you given Brawl a shot yet? Let us know what you think about it!

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Episode 509 – Professor Beard Teaches Graveyards

Graveyards in Magic are an interesting thing. In so many other games it’s just a discard pile, but MTG uses the graveyard for a variety of functions. Mike (Professor Beard) is going to walk us through the history of the graveyard from its origins in Alpha, set by set, until the current day. He’ll point out mechanics (both keyworded and not) and new design space and ways to interact with the graveyard that come up as we move forward in time. Big thanks to Drew for the suggestion and to Mike for putting serious time into the research for this episode!

Oh yeah, we’re covering the Brawl changes that were announced the day of recording. And Brian learned about something new and wants to share in his final thought. Here’s a relevant friendly reminder to everyone: no one owes you any kind of physical gratification.

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