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Episode 273 – Great Big Guest Star Episode!

The Mana Pool All-Stars Battle Royale

We are eschewing the usual April Fool’s nonsense this year here on The Mana Pool.  Yes I know you guys look forward to it every year (except perhaps Shred Memory) but it really gets harder and harder to come up with new original ideas.  So this time, instead of doing something weird (er than usual) we decided to just have a hell of a good episode!

It’s guest stars galore on this one!  At various points throughout the episode we had Cluze from Card Advantage (@lacluyze), Bryan Prillaman (@BryanPrillaman) from JudgeCast (and Avant-Card Show of course) and we even managed to dig up our old buddy Eric of Many Names (@EricMTGCast)!  We even had Adam Styborski (@the_stybs) on, by virtue of a few off-the-cuff bumpers he recorded for us at GP Charlotte!  We discuss everything from Prillaman’s torried relationship with Claire (nonexistant) to what’s REALLY under Mike’s beard!  Due to the completely bizarre nature of this show, there’s not really a main topic exactly, just a bunch of dorks having fun talking about whatever there is to talk about!  We hope you guys enjoy!

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Episode 223 – Seismic Counter Bash Pro Head-to-Head Off-Road Haymaker Smackdown Gaiden 64 GotY Edition

Parallel Lives

For episode 223, the dorks gathered to discuss the Avacyn Restored trailer. After rambling on that for a while, we indulged the self-proclaimed Vorthos King and set some time aside to discuss the art and flavor of Venser vs Koth. We closed out the opener (does that even work?) with a Mad Lib about the new “Dark Romance” genre of teenage fiction.

Our main topic for the episode was the latest installment in our series “That’s How We’d Do It.” This time around, we tackled what we thought would be the best mechanics to bring back as the non-evergreen inclusion in Magic 2013. We touch on a number of recent and classic mechanics and try to decide how best to integrate the flavor and mechanics of the standard environment 2013 will be spending its otherwise lonely evenings with. We also talk about our candidates for who will replace the titans as the big mythic meanies of the new format.

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Episode 172 – Adventures on Zendikar (Live)

ZendikarHey, welcome back!  As you can tell, this is another episode where we play out a game of Magic for all to hear.  Well, we’re all on our separate computers, but we’re still playing, just for all you listeners out there!  Bear with us – it’s our first time playing with the new M11 rules since we didn’t want to switch in the middle of a campaign, you know? Continue reading »

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Episode 123 – Backdoor Shenanigans

Frodo, WeaklingHey there, fellow geeks. This is Dirk. I got roped into writing the show notes again since Brian didn’t feel like getting around to them (Brian: hey! I’m a busy guy, what with all of this.. stuff… and other stuff!) So anyway, this wasn’t a shorter episode, so let’s get to it!

We have the usual opening; we’re still brought to you by Cardshark and all of that jazz. We’ve gotten some emails. Brian says a special thank you to those that have congratulated him on his proven ability to reproduce. There were some other opening parts, but none that really excited me.

Then we’re off to the best part of the episode: the actual content! In this one, staying true to our commitment to report on games of all shapes, sizes, types, and historical significance, we go over some card games from Brian’s past. He and I played a few games of Lord of the Rings TCG, so we go over how the game works and he runs through how the games turned out. It was actually a lot of fun to step back and give this game another go, so listen in. Then he and Mike talked about the Star Wars CCG, but that’s their thing- I kind of almost fell asleep while they were playing.

Chewie, the most quiet member of the cast. Gets in a few words in Chewie’s Corner. He goes over video games and other things that have struck his fancy. There’s some talk about Magic in there, but don’t worry; we’re over it quickly. Finally, we wrap up with our standard last segment and close it out.

You’re in for a treat this time. Pick up your headphones or whatnot and turn up the volume, because The Mana Pool is on- We’re Game(c)!

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Episode 73 – Shred Memory

Shred MemoryForum thread for this episode: http://cardshark.freeforums.org/episode-73-shred-memory-t308.html
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Music for this episode: Back to the Future (Main Theme) by Alan Silvestri

And finally, there’s really nothing much else to say about this episode other than this – what you’re hearing is completely correct. Hopefully the name of the episode will make sense once you’re done. You know, since we never actually mentioned the card it was named after.

Then we decided to try something a little odd. Brian picked out a few cards that have come out since we all started playing together. We then proceeded to discuss our own personal histories, experiences, and impressions for each of the cards, then went on to discuss some of the potential uses for each card. Even though we just did the Binder Pull last episode, we thought this was different enough to warrant doing. Of course, lots of fun and random tangents go hand in hand with each bit of discussion, so that makes it even more interesting.

Then, because they showed us the Banned & Restricted List update just after we recorded, we have to go over that really quick. Like really quick. And they showed us the packaging for the Alara Reborn Intro Packs, so of course we have to check that out. Nifty stuff.

First off, of course, we have the standard intro stuff. Hosts, the various contact points, new members on the Facebook group, music explanation, etc etc. You know, the usual.

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