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Mythic Consultations – New Lineup

Welcome to the first summer edition of Mythic Consultations, our planeswalker advice column. You might notice that we’ve switched up our distinguished panel of ‘walkers this time around. Chandra Nalaar finished her community service and has stopped answering our calls. Jace the Mind Sculptor, on the other hand, has been banned from our offices after the last Mythic Consultation afterparty. That’s the one that almost destroyed the building and left several of our female employees threatening harassment suits. We are still finding Noggles prowling the ductwork.

But enough of that. This Consultation is a special one, as (most of) the questions came directly from you, our devoted followers. If you would like the planeswalkers to answer a question for you, send them to mythicconsultation@themanapool.com. Allow me to introduce our newly-refreshed panel:


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Mythic Consultation – March 2011

Welcome back to another edition of Mythic Consultation. We have assembled our crack panel of planeswalkers, those gifted few with the ability to travel through the Blind Eternities to the myriad planes of the multiverse. They’ve returned to once again offer their insight and knowledge to you, our inquisitive public.

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Mythic Consultation – Feb. 2011

Welcome to the first edition of Mythic Consultation! This isn’t just another advice column with a panel of know-it-alls who answer sappy questions. We have a panel of planeswalkers, those gifted few who are able to move between planes of existence. With their unique abilities and experiences, they can offer up advice unlike any others, and we’re proud to have them here with us.

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