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60CC – Scars are Sexy

Kulrath KnightWelcome to another edition of the 60 Card Challenge!  This is a series of articles where I (Chewie, in case you missed the link up there that says “by Chewie”) discuss my previous inability to have 60 card decks.  Since I play almost exclusively multiplayer, I felt that I could get away with having more cards in my deck because I usually had more time to draw out of any problems.  Well that’s just sloppy.  So a long time ago, I started going through all my decks, determined to get them all down to 60 cards.  While I was at it, I kept a record of any changes I made to them, whether it involved getting them down to 60 or not.  In fact, I still keep track of changes I make so I can include them in these articles.  I decided to start every deck with 22 lands (I know it doesn’t seem like enough but I needed a baseline from which to start, and we are talking multiplayer casual here) and go from there.  At the end, I’ll finish up with any lessons I might have learned about the deck, casual deckbuilding in general, or even myself as a player.  Now, on to this edition’s deck!


The Deck
I don’t know about you guys, but I really loved the Shadowmoor side of Lorwyn.  I mean it, it was awesome.  I loved the way it was a twisted image of Lorwyn.  I loved the insane things you could do with all the hybrid mana.  And I really loved Wither and Persist along with the running gag of -1/-1 counters.  When I saw Kulrath Knight I very nearly pooped myself, I’m not gonna lie.  What?  I’m a grown man, shut up.

Anyway.  I thought it was great that I could instantly pacify an opponent’s creature just by giving it a -1/-1 counter.  That just seemed like way too much fun, so I proceeded to build a deck around this whole theme.  At first, basically everything came from Shadowmoor, since it was the latest block and where the counter theme was strongest.  Here’s the deck, before I move on.

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