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Jungle Rat Rob – Mana Pool 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jungle Rat Rob from Ninja Gaiden 2Here it is, as promised. For hitting our 100th episode, Jungle Rat Rob (Rob Anderson) has worked his audio editing magic again and come up with another great clip compilation! This time it’s got so much funny that he couldn’t fit it all in one song, so he used three. We have the Superman Main Theme by John Williams, Sabre Dance by Aram Khachaturian, and Simple Passing by Hammerbox. This also features cameos by Claire (the hot one from the Avant-Card Show), AJ (of “Kill AJ” fame), and our oft-mentioned fan/stalker, Ben (Panahinuva on the forums).

And again, Rob has managed to capture the essence of what makes the show fun. As before, it’s light on actual Magic content, but heavy on awesomesauce. He manages to illuminate who we hosts really are and exactly what it is that makes this show worth listening to. There’s lots of giggling, guffawing, picking on Chewie, and random nonsense that you’ve come to expect from us here on The Mana Pool. Thank you so much again for the most excellent tribute Rob, we really really appreciate it. And hopefully, all you listeners out there checking this out will agree!

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