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Episode 94 – The Hotness

Red Hot HottieWe are joined this episode by none other than the architect of the Cutie-Pie Deck Challenge herself, Claire! Most excellent! Tasteless innuendo and bad jokes abound. Of course, we have to go over what happened during the Challenge. Spoiler: I WON! We discuss the spoils of victory, the lady’s prerogative, and creepy people on the internet.

Then we get underway with the news. First off, there’s the new full-art Zendikar lands. Then we have the list of cards in From the Vault: Exiled. And we FINALLY know how Planechase works. Next episode we’ll have a few more planar cards and decklists for you, this one was recorded before they showed any of that stuff.

Then, since we took so incredibly long on all the news and whatnot, we decided to skip our previously agreed-upon topic for this episode. We just don’t have the time to properly devote to it. Check it out next episode. Instead, we take a request from a listener and take Brian’s Jund Wickedness Out of the Deck Box. As always, see this episode’s forum post for the full decklist. This one is definitely one to check out, as it has a whole lot going on.

For the record, Claire doesn’t just sound hot. She totally is. Like damn.

Music for this episode: Beautiful by Ill Mic. Check them out at http://www.illmic.com

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One Comment

  1. Magnor Criol
    July 28, 2017 at 12:35 pm | Permalink

    Apparently this is when the Command Zone was created and announced – I didn’t know (rather, remember) that. I really thought they made the command zone a thing when they officially supported EDH and made it into Commander. Interesting. Given the name, I wonder if they were already thinking about absorbing EDH and renaming it at this time? That seems too far separated. If not, I wonder if the command zone name influenced their choice of “Commander” as their rebranded EDH name?

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