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Episode 91 – M10 Launched

Magic 2010 Expansion SymbolOn this episode, we have even more Magic 2010! Don’t worry, next week we’re gonna ease up off the M10 for a while. But we had to stay with it this time, because there’s a Launch discussion to be had! Brian and I attended, along with Jonathan and Logan. It was Logan’s first tournament, so we asked him to join us on this episode, not only to tell us how he did, but to give us his perspective on the whole tournament thing.

And then, just to finish up with M10 for a little while, we decided to take a look at the set as a whole. Not just the rares or the previews, not just the mechanics involved, but the whole shebang. We’re talking flavor, art, mechanics, love, hate, balls of wax, and whatever else comes to mind.

Then, just to spite our friends over at the Avant-Card Show, we’re bringing back Out of the Deck Box. I’ve picked out a deck that go hurt a little bit by the rules change – the Chuck Deck! Of course, in the time since we recorded this, I’ve already made several changes, so no promises about the decklist in the forums and the one discussed on this episode actually being the same.

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