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Episode 72 – Binder Pull 2

Arc-SloggerThere’s a lot going on in this episode. First off, we have lots of Mana Pool news. New members on the forums, new people in the Facebook group, some comments on the MTGCast page, stuff like that. Also, I got a job. Yay employment! There’s also that whole bit about From the Vault: Exiled, but we really don’t know enough about it to do anything other than read the stuff on the announcement, found here:

Then we have two editions of Out of the Deck Box, with two decks that were requested some time ago. First up is Dirk’s infamous X Deck, with its way-too-easy-to-assemble infinite mana engine. Then we have Brian’s Boros Reloaded deck, which is a highly aggressive take on the RW Ravnica guild, with some new stuff thrown in for good measure. For a complete list of each deck, please check out the forum post for this episode, which you’ll find in the links below as usual.

And then there’s the meat of the episode, which is our second Binder Pull. We each comb through our rare binders to find cards that are worth talking about. And we’re bouncing all over the place, from The Dark all the way up to Kamigawa block. So take a listen, check out some random cards, and be entertained by the ensuing dorky discussion.

Music for this episode: Intro Theme to Mega Man III on the NES. Good stuff. And vaguely appropriate, believe it or not.

Forum thread for this episode: http://cardshark.freeforums.org/episode-72-binder-pull-2-t306.html
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One Comment

  1. ChuChuJelly
    March 16, 2011 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    This was the first episode I heard from you guys, and you got me hooked! I got to it via the jumbled mtg-cast itunes-feed they had going back then. It’s still one of my favorite episodes and since I got on your forums and whatnot I’ve been asking now and then for a binder pull 3 but you have managed to elude the topic for 2 years now! So again, please consider a binder pull 3? Old memories about cards you hold dear with good stories to them are just great.

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