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Episode 49 – Shards of Alara Preview 5

Shards of Alara LogoHello again, and welcome to The Mana Pool! Mike here one last time with one last rundown of one last Shards of Alara Preview episode before the Prerelease. We’re finishing up from where we left off last time, and covering the additional cards that were shown Wednesday and Thursday.  Unfortunately, Brian could not be with us, but we have our wonderful guest host Jason filling in for him again.

We have a couple of cards that are not in the same cycle, one that isn’t Skyshroud Elf, even more awesome names, and a really gross guy (but that’s a plus).

As always, send us your emails, and feel ever so welcome to visit us on the forums and the Facebook group.  If you’re going to the prerelease, have fun!  By the way, Chewie’s Prerelease Survival Guide for Shards of Alara can be found at:

Shards of Alara Visual Spoiler:

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