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Episode 166 – A Pool of Mirrodin

Scars and MBS boostersAfter a mess of emails, we’ve got those first two cards from the set code-named Action, which everyone has already seen.  But of course, we have to give you our take on it.  Then there’s a look at the Event Decks, a new product from Wizards, but that’s not the important part.

And really, this isn’t the important part either.  But this is the main topic!  Brian opened up a Scars Sealed pool, consisting of 3 packs of Scars and 3 packs of Besieged.  We’re gonna take a nice long look at it and see what we can come up with.  Turns out we came up with two different decks, just so you know.  If you’d like to see the pool in its entirety, please direct yourself to the forums.  The link is right down there.  Apologies in advance for the long drawn out discussion, but I think it’s a good one :p

So what if I just used a tongue-sticking-out emoticon in the show notes? Kiss my butt!

One more thing – beware the goats…

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