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Episode 126 – Rise of the Eldrazi Preview 3

Rise of the Eldrazi Expansion SymbolThank you for purchasing the latest episode of The Mana Pool. A credit has been charged to your account. Don’t worry if you didn’t give us a card number; we know it already. The dorks have gathered once again to bring you a valuable, consumer-tested product sure to delight children of all ages and a few adults as well.

This episode is chock full of new, never-before-heard content. As you listen to the episode, you can hear all about:

Recording issues!
Tech support calls!
Piles of dirt riding chariots!
Stupid soldiers!
Kung-fu masters!
Picky vampire knights!
AC-DC and Clash of the Titans!
Giants throwing pebbles!
Upside-down insects!
Tired hosts!

Oh, and there are a bunch of card previews that we go over, too. Be sure to attend your local Rise of the Eldrazi Prerelease the weekend of April 17-18 or Launch Party the weekend of April 24-25. Satisfaction not guaranteed, but you should hopefully have a decent time and get new card stuff. Yay stuff. Some assembly required for some stuffs.

Thanks again for your purchase. 1000% of our profits go to keeping Chewie off the street and the money left over goes to keeping Dirk in school.

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