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Episode 125 – Rise of the Eldrazi Preview 2

Rise of the Eldrazi Expansion SymbolHello again, and welcome to the second preview episode for the upcoming Rise of the Eldrazi release.  This is Mike, writing the show notes at the very last minute, several days after the recording, possibly because I’m a lazy dope.  I’ll leave the proof of whether or not that’s true as an exercise for the listeners.

So yes!  Rise of the Eldrazi previews!  They pretty much speak for themselves!  I can’t stop shouting!  We’re glad to have you join us for another high quality episode of discussion and analysis, full of evil Pokemans, gasseous demons, Eldrazi in top hats, and how we almost died.

Forum thread for this episode: http://cardshark.freeforums.org/episode-125-rise-of-the-eldrazi-preview-2-t503.html
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One Comment

  1. Magnor Criol
    August 22, 2017 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    Holy crap. Brian mentions a 10/10 Eldrazi token as a joke – but wait! Look at BFZ’s Desolation Twin. It makes a 10/10 Eldrazi token! Brian called it!

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