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Episode 12 – Prerelease Anecdotes and More


On this episode, the whole dorky crew goes over what they played at the Morningtide Prerelease and how it went for them.  We cover our single Sealed flight experience, then how Two-Headed Giant treated us.  Spoiler:  It stomped us.  Hard.  Of course, then we just had to talk about some of the other stuff going on at the tournament, but that’s nothing worth mentioning in the show notes.  Except that we were basically accused of cheating before the tournament even started.  How’s that?  Listen and find out!

We couldn’t let the new set come out without mentioning how some of the new cards in the set work with cards from previous sets, of course.  Here are the quick combos we came up with.

Everbark Shaman and Battlewand Oak

Slithermuse and Stormbind

Spitebellows and Momentary Blink

Veteran’s Armanents and Militia’s Pride

Maralen of the Mornsong and Aven Mindcensor

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