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Peculiar Flavor Roundup – New Meaning to the Term “Pop-Up Ads”

Welcome to the Peculiar Flavor Roundup!

Every day at Peculiar Flavor, we bring you rejected flavor text from some of your “favorite” Magic cards. Whether it’s a visual joke, an absurd one-liner, or a response to the real flavor text, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.* Each Monday on the Roundup, you’ll get to see a few of last week’s, ah… best entries.

On this Roundup: Colossus of Akros, Marrow Bats, Mikaeus the Lunarch, and a special bonus Commander 2014 spoiler!


Colossus of Akros:

Entrepreneurial Akroans often plaster the Colossus’ crotch with ads for casinos, bars, and brothels, knowing exactly what immature sailors will be gazing at as they pass underneath.









Marrow Bats:

“Ignoring for a moment the aerodynamics of flying with wings full of holes, I want to know how they’re making all this guano without any visible digestive tracts.” -Terence, the Sarcaster









Mikaeus, the Lunarch:

I understand your attachment to this whole candle… deal you’ve got going, but if they keep setting your robes on fire, I won’t be able to justify our out-of-control wardrobe budget to the IRS.” -Denarius, the Accountarch









Bonus Commander 2014 Spoiler!

Feldon of the Third Path:

“… and when she does, she better have my money, or she’ll never see this precious robot head of hers again!”









Is there a card you’d like to see infused with a Peculiar Flavor? Request it!

*Guarantee only applies to smart, good-looking people that are cool and good at stuff

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  1. Bosco
    October 29, 2014 at 2:05 pm | Permalink

    Such a fitting name for the accountarch. Bosco Approved! (One day, that’ll be worth something, I swear.)

    • October 29, 2014 at 8:27 pm | Permalink

      Thanks! Fortunately the blog is frequented by several 2,000-year-old Romans, so I knew someone would get the reference.

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