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Peculiar Flavor Roundup – May the Fourth Be With Yo… Wait, That’s Next Week

Welcome to the Peculiar Flavor Roundup!

Every day at Peculiar Flavor, we bring you rejected flavor text from some of your “favorite” Magic cards. Whether it’s a visual joke, an absurd one-liner, or a response to the real flavor text, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.* Each Monday on the Roundup, you’ll get to see a few of last week’s, ah… best entries.

On this Roundup: Charm Peddler, Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, Nine-Ringed Bo, and Quirion Ranger!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I’m on vacation this week, so there will be no rejected flavor text coming next Monday. But I will be posting a very special Peculiar Flavor short story here at TheManaPool.com. If you can’t wait until then, head over to the Peculiar Flavor tumblr, where I’ll be posting the story in parts each night this week.

Charm PeddlerCharm Peddler:

“Wow, I guess the recession hit Hollywood worse than I thought; Mark Hamill just stopped me in a parking lot and tried to sell me a dreamcatcher.”












Ruric Thar, the Unbowed:

Thanks to congenital scoliosis, Ruric couldn’t have bowed even if he wanted to.










Nine-Ringed Bo

Nine-Ringed Bo:

Kumano adds a ring to the staff whenever somebody asks him what the rings on the staff represent… nobody’s entirely sure how the first one got on there.










Quirion Ranger

Quirion Ranger:

“… Of course, another day the earth might also be your toilet, so, maybe be careful what part you’re using as a blanket, is what I’m saying.”











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*Guarantee only applies to smart, good-looking people that are cool and good at stuff

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