Squee Draft – Breaking in the V4 Client with M15 Boros

Soul of Shandalar

Squee gives the new Magic Online (V4) a spin in the first Squee video in over a year. Given zero experience with the new client, this is also a good representation of how intuitive the client is. As for the actual draft, well, Squee gets to act like a noob, get called a noob when he’s not acting like a noob, noob away mana like it ain’t no thang, and ultimately determine if Boros can get there in an environment overrun with promo cards, spirits, and new client rage.

Note: Somehow or other, the voiceover desynced slightly from the game audio and video. Let’s just     pretend I have Future Sight in play.

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Episode 333 – The Comic-Con One

Bear Puncher

This epic-length episode is brought to you by the San Diego Comic-Con MTG panel and by Modern PTQs.

We had so much stuff to talk about that we had to recruit a guest to help us all out, and it’s none other than the @Lansdellicious himself, Chris Lansdell.  The former podcasting lady-of-the-night helps us cover all the ridiculous amount of information they hit us with at the MTG Panel at SDCC.  Also, Mike and Brian tell you how they did in their Modern PTQ last weekend!  Also, 3/3s for 3!  Also, STICKERS!

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This is it everyone!  After a month of lunacy, we’re finally coming to a close!  Then I get to have many more months of less public lunacy, but that’s beside the point.  The Kickstarter has funded, it’s almost done, and I am ecstatic!  But this isn’t the big thank you post or any of that, this is a reminder!  This thing ends Thursday morning at 10:30 Eastern time, so if you’re waiting until the last minute – it’s here!

In the last couple days I’ve thrown out a few last-minute additions in an effort to spice things up a bit as the project ends.  Here they are:

- Bulk sleeves add-on!  If you want 300 extra sleeves, it’s just $40 more! For more information, check out the Update explaining it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themanapool/the-mana-pool-mtg-merchandise-videos-podcasts-and/posts/922865

- Day of Dorking Lite reward tier!  It’s the same as the $750 Day of Dorking reward tier, except I’m only going to guarantee 2 dorks present, and it costs a cool $500.  Here’s the update explaining that: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themanapool/the-mana-pool-mtg-merchandise-videos-podcasts-and/posts/924284

Don’t forget, the ONLY place to get the Mythic Dork shirt is right here on the Kickstarter, and it’s going away in less than 24 hours!  If you want one, better get on it!  I’ll meet you back here with an actual big thank you post soon!

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Episode 332 – Renewable Resources

Thawing Glaciers

The dorks are telling you all about resources!  Magic is, at its cold dead heart, a game of resource management.  The most basic source of those resources are lands.  This episode, we’re taking a look at lands as the fuel that makes the game go.  We’re sharing stories about particular lands, comparing Magic to other games, and going off-topic.  Oh, there’s also some news, of course.  We’re also going to tell you why land destruction is SUCH a pain and go over a few bits of news.

There’s also a very big announcement about a couple of last-minute additions to the Kickstarter!  Listen quickly, it runs out Thursday morning at 10:30 Eastern!


The Mana Pool’s Kickstarter is ALMOST DONE! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themanapool/the-mana-pool-mtg-merchandise-videos-podcasts-and

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