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Listener-Created Movie Cards Part 2

MVV Woman in Red

You know, we dorks have talked about a lot of things on our show over the years.  Most of the time there’s positive feedback, words of appreciation, and the like.  But sometimes we do episodes that just resonate with people.  Episode 326 – At the Movies with The Mana Pool seems to be one of them, because people have sent us an entire mess of cards relating to it.

We spent that episode looking at some of our favorite movies and trying to figure out what kind of cards we could get out of them.  Some of our listeners decided to help us out by sending in some of their created cards.  Keep in mind that some of these are word-for-word what we came up with on the show, while others were designed more by the card’s creator.  I’m not sure which is which, that’s what the link to the episode up above is for!

Mark van Velzen sent us an amazing 54 cards (holy crap!) like the Woman in Red over there on the right.  But you’re not reading this, you’re looking at her anyway aren’t you?

This is the second and final part of these cards.  You should check out Part 1 if you haven’t yet, it has the cards for Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Fight Club, and a pair of iconic horror movie bad guys!


The Princess Bride

Mark Van Velzen (@Murkemurk) whipped up a handful of cards based on the best bedtime story ever.

MVV Inigo MontoyaMVV FezzikMVV Miracle MaxMVV Inconceivable!MVV Fearsome Title


The Wizard of Oz

These no-longer-in-Kansas card are also courtesy of Mark van Velzen.  Wouldn’t it be great to actually say to an opponent “I drop a house on your creature”?

MVV Drop a HouseMVV DorothyMVV Ruby SlippersMVV Bucket of Water



Greg Gawura, who is MadStorkMSU on our forums, gave us a liquid metal guy to scare us to death.

madstorkmsu t1000

And of course, Mark van Velzen gave us his own version along with a spell based on an iconic line.

MVV T1000MVV Come with Me



Listener (and occasional guest host) JT, who is CyberPunkOtaku01 on our forums (@NerdPop140) made a series of deadly sins based on David Fincher’s amazing thriller.

CPO LustCPO WrathCPO PrideCPO EnvyCPO SlothCPO GreedCPO Gluttony


Back to the Future

You guessed it, Mark van Velzen made these.  The last one isn’t exactly from Back to the Future, but we came up with it during the time travel discussion on the episode.  It’s pretty meta, but still accurate.

MVV DocMVV Biff TannenMVV Uncomfortable FamiliarityMVV Back to 1994



Jim Kraft sent us this unfinished planeswalker version of Vigo on Facebook.

Jim Kraft Vigo

And Mark Van Velzen sent us these, including an actual painting of Vigo that reminds us of our place.

MVV SlimerMVV DestructorMVV Possessed Fur CoatMVV - Vigo


The rest of the stuff

Mark van Velzen sent us a few others that were one-ofs or more general than a single movie.  Here they are in no particular order.


He’s been in a lot of movies, he’s iconic, why not give him a card?

MVV Jezus


He’s the blueprint for badassed action hero from the Die Hard franchise.

MVV John Mclain


If you saw Memento, good for you.  If you understood it, good for you.  If you cheated, that’s awful.  If you liked it, you should listen to Episode 73 – Shred Memory.  But then you might not like it anymore.  Or us.

MVV Leonard Shelby


Klaatu Barada Nikto!

MVV Gort


Have you always wanted Turbo Man in your life?  Then you’re weird.  Aw, now I miss Sinbad…

MVV Howard Langston


That’s no ordinary rabbit!

MVV Killer Rabbit


And we end with two polar opposites in the movie world.  The greatest source of narrative explanation known to man, and the nemesis of moviegoers everywhere.

MVV Morgan FreemanMVV Uwe Boll


And there we have it.  A big thanks goes out to Mark, JT, Greg, and Jim for sending these in, completely unprompted, for us to enjoy!  I hope all of you enjoyed them as much as we did!

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One Comment

  1. Myke Okuhara
    July 2, 2014 at 8:06 pm | Permalink

    Comparing Uwe Boll to Scornful Egotist is an insult to the egotist. Boll should cost 9 and be a 0/1 unmorphed.

    Wherever that art on Gluttony is from, I find it revolting, horrid, and morally repellent… and I wish it were actually on a real card.

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