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Listener-Created Movie Cards Part 1

MVV - Vigo

You know, we dorks have talked about a lot of things on our show over the years.  Most of the time there’s positive feedback, words of appreciation, and the like.  But sometimes we do episodes that just resonate with people.  Episode 326 – At the Movies with The Mana Pool seems to be one of them, because people have sent us an entire mess of cards relating to it.

We spent that episode looking at some of our favorite movies and trying to figure out what kind of cards we could get out of them.  Some of our listeners decided to help us out by sending in some of their created cards.  Keep in mind that some of these are word-for-word what we came up with on the show, while others were designed more by the card’s creator.  I’m not sure which is which, that’s what the link to the episode up above is for!

Mark van Velzen sent us an amazing 54 cards (holy crap!) like Vigo over there on the right.  We are, in fact, like the buzzing of flies to him.

I’ve organized them a bit and put them here for all to see, hope everyone enjoys as much as I did!


Horror Movie Villains

Listener (and occasional guest host) JT, who is CyberPunkOtaku01 on our forums (@NerdPop140) made us these two bad guys:

CyberPunkOtaku JasonCyberPunkOtaku Freddy


While Mark Van Velzen (@Murkemurk) sent us his take on them:

MVV JasonMVV Freddy



The Matrix

Greg Gawura, who is MadStorkMSU on our forums, sent us a Neo / Mr. Anderson:

madstorkmsu anderson

And here are the Matrix cards that Mark van Velzen sent us:

MVV TrinityMVV TrinityMVV Agent SmithMVV AgentMVV OracleMVV Woman in RedMVV I Know Kung FuMVV Unplug


Fight Club

These pretty much speak for themselves.  All cards by Mark van Velzen.

And yes I know there’s no Rule 7, you come up with a card for it.

MVV 1st RuleMVV 2nd RuleMVV 3rd RuleMVV 4th RuleMVV 5th RuleMVV 6th RuleMVV 8th RuleMVV Robert Paulson


Jurassic Park

Mark van Velzen did a nice spread of dinosaur tokens and dino-related cards too.

MVV T RexMVV RaptorMVV Horde of DinosMVV DilophMVV Raptor tokenMVV T Rex tokenMVV Park Tour CarMVV FenceMVV Clever Girl


I think that’s a good place to stop.  Thanks so much to JT, Greg, and Mark for sending these to us!  In a few days you’ll see part 2 show up, featuring cards from Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, the Princess Bride, and more!

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