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TMP News 11/7/2014 – Suspensions, Cruise, Wizards Account, Commander, PAX Aus Reveals

TMP News 11-7

This is what happens when I take a week off – the news EXPLODES! And even with all the stuff I have to cover, I still managed to keep it short and sweet. Man I’m good!

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-Jared Boettcher’s post-ban interview –
Treasure Cruise runs all over Eternal Weekend –
-Wizards Account FAQ –
-Commander 2014 Card Image Gallery –
-Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora –
-Dragons of Tarkir –


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TMP News 10/23/2014 – Sleight of Hand at SCG Open, DotP Update, Strategy Board Game

TMP News 10-23

TMP News keeps on rolling! To find out what happened in the last week, just click the Continue Reading button below!

UPDATE: Trevor Humphries was given a 4-year BAN by the DCI


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Sleight of Hand at SCG Open –…
DotP Update Eliminates Premium Boosters –…
Magic: the Gathering Strategy Board Game –…

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TMP News 10/15/2014: Ari Lax Wins, FNM & RPTQ changes, Living the Booster Pack Dream

TMP News 10-15-2014

Welcome to the first edition of TMP News!  This is a new video news series I’ll be using to tell you all what’s going on in the world of MTG whenever something worth mentioning happens.  All the links from the YouTube post are below, the video itself isafter the “Continue Reading” button below!

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Ari Lax wins Pro Tour –…
Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir Organized Play Announcement with Helene Bergeot –…
Alpha Lotus opening video –…

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