Squee Draft

Ever face that hard choice in a draft? The tough call between the card you should take and the card you want to take? You tell yourself “It’s a bad idea, but it’d be so cool if it worked!” Squee, the Goblin Nabob with season tickets to the nearest graveyard, has no qualms with taking the splashy choice and trying his damnedest to make it work. Squee does his best to show you how to get out of sticky situations by running head-first into them and flailing as only a death-prone goblin should. Sometimes he’ll get there. Sometimes he’ll fizzle. Sometimes he’ll even find a way to Goblin Grenade himself right out of the game. Whatever the case, it should be a fun ride.

Squee Draft #5 – Squee Finds a Shovel and Keeps On Digging

Everyone’s favorite goblin (except for those Slobad fans, weirdos) is back with another DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft from MTGO.  Squee loved his mill deck from the last Squee Draft video SO MUCH (but not as much as his toy of course!) that he decided to give it another shot, especially since he was able to find the BEST pieces for it!  Anyway, I’ll leave him to it so he can tell you all about it.  Don’t forget, you can follow Squee on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob and I highly recommend it, he’s definitely entertaining! – Chewie

Squee lucks out and manages to draft two of his favorite cards in the block for a return to the fabled zombie mill archetype. Not to go unchallenged, Squee once again faces off against a rival mill machine in the very first round. Squee employs mythic monsters, dabbles in undead alchemy, and toys with the Brink in an attempt to assemble a terrifying force of zombie horror. One way or another, Squee is here it pick at your brain and embrace the strange interactions available within the world of Innistrad.


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Squee Draft #4 – Squee Hates Libraries

Geralf's MindcrusherOh THAT’S what you do with a Jar of Eyeballs. Duh.

Let us take another trip down Squee Draft Lane, shall we?  Squee hits us with another DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft.  If you enjoy these jaunts into draft-with-style land, you should follow Squee on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob. When he’s not busy being a cabin hand, a Nabob, or apparently a deli owner (just look at his picture!), he’s quite entertaining.  Man these HD videos are cool.  It’s like I was really there!  Sitting at Squee’s computer.  Instead of sitting at my computer.  Yeah, that would have been pretty cool… – Chewie

Squee takes on the color blue by diving into a does-everything-blue-can-do deck. Bounce? Check. Mill? Check. Zombies? Check. Delvers? Check. Really stupid mythic daggers that may or may not work? Check. Solid mana curve? Ha, like blue has those… Whatever the case, Squee engages in the rare and often impressive Mill Mirror Match. Who will run out of cards first? Find out!

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Squee Draft #3 – Honest Squee’s Eyeball Emporium

Jar of EyeballsI see what they did there…

Here’s another DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft from good old Squee.  Be sure you’re watching in HD because his quality is really good.   You can read the cards and everything!  And if you just can’t get enough of Squee (and who can, really?) you should be following him on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob. He’s always willing to share his Squee wisdom with anyone willing to listen! – Chewie

Squee pops open a Jar of Eyeballs and builds around a token-based sacrifice deck… at least until a mysterious encounter in early pack two brings everything into question! Will Squee stick to the plan and explore the eyeball deck or will greed take over and drive Squee into a four color deck? Whatever the outcome, Squee races against the clock as his rounds run long and he encounters his greatest enemy of all: color screw! Will Squee be rewarded for such strange deck ambitions or will he be adjusting a bowtie in his continued attempts to die with style?

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Squee Draft #2 – Two-Drop Union

Uh oh – pretty sure I saw Selenia give that look once before…

Squee has another DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft for your amusement and edification.  Oh, and since I can’t find an option to make it the default setting, make sure that the HD icon on the player below is blue before you go to fullscreen mode.  It helps a lot to actually be able to read the cards!  And be sure to follow Squee on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob – Chewie

If Squee’s good for anything, it’s coming back for more! This time around Squee sets out to find out exactly how many two drops he can run before they unionize and start demanding benefits. As the draft develops, Squee stumbles across horrifying uses for Moonmist, tries his best to convince a persistent Kindercatch that he’s not home, and attempts to utilize Ray of Revelation as a combat trick. Can Squee temper his greed long enough to avoid an expensive flashy off-color splash? Unlikely.
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Squee Draft #1 – Flayer of the Hatebound

Flayer of the HateboundReminds me of the good old days with Crovax…

Finally!  Someone is recording draft videos for us casual players!  Squee isn’t ALL about perfecting his pick order or crafting the best possible deck, he’s here to have fun!  That’s not to say he’s a complete durdle, far from it in fact!  While he is taking some cards that the top drafters in the world might not, his reasoning is solid, his play decisions and explanations are well thought out, and his focus is on playing good Magic.  I think casual players and the more competitive guys out there could all be entertained AND learn something at the same time – which is what we at The Mana Pool have always tried to do.  This is a DKA-ISD-ISD 8-4 draft and Squee’s first video.  Put it in fullscreen and enjoy!  Oh, and you can follow him on Twitter @SqueeGoblnNabob – Chewie

Squee kicks off his first recorded draft by diving head-first into the worst color in the format. With the goal of exploring the strange and greedy picks over the reliable and solid picks, Squee sets out to create amazing game states and live the dream or die trying. Will choosing Red from the get-go work out or will Squee’s loyalty to Mountains place him at the mercy of zombies and ghosts? Can Squee recover from a mulligan misclick? Probably not, but hey, who wants to live forever?

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