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Ever face that hard choice in a draft? The tough call between the card you should take and the card you want to take? You tell yourself “It’s a bad idea, but it’d be so cool if it worked!” Squee, the Goblin Nabob with season tickets to the nearest graveyard, has no qualms with taking the splashy choice and trying his damnedest to make it work. Squee does his best to show you how to get out of sticky situations by running head-first into them and flailing as only a death-prone goblin should. Sometimes he’ll get there. Sometimes he’ll fizzle. Sometimes he’ll even find a way to Goblin Grenade himself right out of the game. Whatever the case, it should be a fun ride.

Squee Draft: Squee Tries Thieving Mitts in an M15 Draft

Squee Draft Rogue's Gloves

Squee catapults into an 8-4 for the Magic 2015 Release and takes the blue/white evasion draft archetype out for a spin. Along the way, he gives Rogue’s Gloves a shot, picking it over Divination largely because if it’s going to work anywhere, it’s here. He then leans a bit heavily on Avacyn, dumps a bunch of squids on the ground with no Islands to Islandwalk, and wonders if Military Intelligence would actually work better in this deck.

This was recorded during the release week, so the format was still new enough that a lot of these choices may look pretty dumb with our current format awareness. Squee drafts are about experimentation, so suboptimal picks aren’t uncommon, but keep that context in mind before criticizing the card choices too closely.

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Squee Draft – Breaking in the V4 Client with M15 Boros

Soul of Shandalar

Squee gives the new Magic Online (V4) a spin in the first Squee video in over a year. Given zero experience with the new client, this is also a good representation of how intuitive the client is. As for the actual draft, well, Squee gets to act like a noob, get called a noob when he’s not acting like a noob, noob away mana like it ain’t no thang, and ultimately determine if Boros can get there in an environment overrun with promo cards, spirits, and new client rage.

Note: Somehow or other, the voiceover desynced slightly from the game audio and video. Let’s just     pretend I have Future Sight in play.

Follow Squee on Twitter – @SqueeGoblnNabob

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Squee GTC Launch Sealed: Bombs Away

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb

Squee fails at preparing for GP Charlotte by opening an absolutely absurd pool of cards that no one should ever see in a large event. You know you’ve got something when Mad Skills stays in the sideboard and Borborygmos isn’t even considered for a slot in the deck. Rather than the typical Squee voice, you’ll instead be treated to the smooth sounds of ambient videogame music in the background throughout each round as things get progressively more absurd. More or less every bomb in the format makes an appearance in the deck or on the other side of the virtual table, so this is your chance to get a top-level view of the format’s high points. Round 3 in particular has an absurd turn of events that you know left someone swearing profusely. Sounds like a Squee Sealed!


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Squee AVR Launch Sealed: Angelic Density

Angel of Glory's RiseShe’s much nicer than Selenia…

How many angels does it take to make Squee a decent threat in a 16 man event? Squee breaks in Avacyn Restored by entering a 4 round swiss sealed event during the MTGO Launch Party. Like all Sealed Swiss events, this means Squee plays out a full four rounds with the deck he puts together using the contents of six packs of Avacyn Restored. Not to spoil too much, but some of the challenger decks include a flyer-heavy card draw deck and a deck that takes the Soulbond mechanic to terrifying extremes. Armed to the teeth with most of the good non-mythic angels and homo sapiens, Squee will channel his inner lightning helix and summon an aggressive Boros build in pursuit of the coveted (if somewhat absurdly drawn) Avacyn, Angel of Hope avatar, a bunch of packs, and some points for a tournament no one gives a damn about. Stay tuned!

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Squee Draft #6 – Spooky Murder

Murder of CrowsA what of crows?

The truth is out there. Prerelease prices suck and Squee is long overdue for a draft, so everyone’s favorite goblin cook dives one last time into the belly of Dark Ascension before the Helvault cracks open and reasonable draft prices fall out. Squee finally gets a chance to travel down the Drogskol Captain path after three months of settling for zombie and vampire captains, but will his captain stand well against a Drogskol Reaver in the early rounds?  Squee takes advantage of the quirkiness of the 4-3-2-2 crowd to construct a morbid engine out of Stitcher’s Apprentice accompanied by Murder of Crows, Selhoff Occultist, and Undead Alchemist. This episode also features the debut of special effects! See if you can spot Madden-style visual queues whenever Squee does something monumentally goblin-like and marvel at his ability to flail under pressure as Squee bids adieu to flip cards, Fateful Hour, and his good friend Undead Alchemist. Will Avacyn Restored draft be an amazing experience of style and substance? I want to believe!

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