The Deck Box

This is where we show off decks of all kinds. So named because of the podcast segment Out of the Deck Box.

Story Circle for Episode 336

Ulasht, the Hate Seed

Some not-insignificant time ago, we got a listener request for a Story Circle with a certain Hellion Hydra that hangs out with the Gruul Clan.  Or eats them.  Or something.  And we always mean to do things like that for the listeners, but we either forget or don’t have time to do it, what with the never-ending preview season and great show ideas and whatnot.  But we do try to get around to some of the listener ideas when we get a chance no matter how long it takes, so we did it on Episode 336.  So bearing that in mind – Craig Scott, this one’s for you!

For those that don’t know how this works, we start with a Legendary creature for the Commander, then we take turns adding cards to the deck.  It’s sort of like the camping thing where you start a story and go around the circle continuing it, thus the name.  Plus, you know, Story Circle.


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Story Circle for Episode 325

Marchesa, the Black Rose

Here’s the Story Circle we did on Episode 325!  We were going to do something completely different this episode (which you can still hear on episode 326 once it goes up!), but we spent entirely too much time on Conspiracy card discussions.  Since we didn’t have time to give our intended topic the treatment it deserves, we hurriedly decided to pick one of the new legends from Conspiracy and do a Story Circle!  This one looks like a lot of fun to play.  That could be because it bears a small resemblance to some other Commander decks we’ve played or created in the past.  Either way, hope everyone enjoys!

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Corvin Powell’s Death Cloud Rock Deck

This is the deck that longtime listener Corvin Powell was playing at Grand Prix Richmond.  He put Death Cloud in more of a Rock-type build, which is more interactive and disruptive than Mike’s Death Tron deck. Since his deck is also a Death Cloud deck but a completely different take than Mike’s, we brought him on the show to talk about it!  He was on Episode 315 – The GP Richmond Episode (for obvious reasons) to talk about his deck, the GP itself, and everything else, so go give it a listen!


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Mike’s Modern Death Tron Deck

Here’s the Green-Black Tron deck Mike took to GP Richmond.  In his own words, he went this way because he really wanted to play Death Cloud in Modern, so he took a stock Green-Red Tron list and adapted it to suit his needs.  If you’d like to hear more about it, be sure to listen to Episode 315 – The GP Richmond Episode!  We also brought on listener Corvin Powell to talk about his Death Cloud deck, click the link to see it!


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Brian’s Standard Jund SCG IQ Deck

Fanatic of Xenagos
If you listened to episode 312 of The Mana Pool, you’ll know that Brian told us all about his Standard Jund brew that he was planning on taking to the StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier on 2/15.  Here’s the final list that he actually played at the IQ, presented for your perusal.  He piloted the deck to a 2-3 record.  While that’s not the best record, he did say the deck showed a lot of promise and that it was a tons of fun to play.


If you guys have any questions, comments, or suggestions just leave them in the comments!


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