This is probably the reason you’re here, but I’ll explain just in case. Started in November of 2007, The Mana Pool is a podcast for all the things that casual Magic players might enjoy. We talk about new cards, old cards, decks we’ve played, Commander/EDH, drafting, tournaments we attend, flavor, tribal, basically anything we can think of. We answer rules questions for listeners. We have segments like Out of the Deck Box (showing off our decks), Story Circle (building a deck on the fly live on the air), Magic Mad Libs (just what it sounds like), Mortal Instinct Fighter Calibur Vs (a flavorful random creature tournament fight), and several others that show up from time to time. Whenever we all get together, we record a live episode of us playing games, which listeners seem to enjoy because it gives more insight into who we are rather than because of the games themselves. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 613 – On Hammers & Schools

The dorks are back with…Monday Night Magic? Wait, this can’t be right, let me go look.

Yeah, the dorks are actually looking at the news! First up, WotC swung their banhammer wide, with a massive pile of casualties across many many formats. Holy crap.

And then there was actual timely news! The day of recording, WotC unexpectedly revealed some information about the next set, Strixhaven. They explained what the five schools of magic are and showed us a Command from each school. Yup, that kind of Command.

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Episode 612 – The Surprise Ban & Other Stories

The dorks are back on card games this week! We begin by taking a look at a very important nugget of information hidden in an advertisement – the first time a ban was announced somewhere other than, you know, a ban announcement. Then we’re changing gears to talk about what could very well be the biggest news Hearthstone has ever seen. Then we shift into high gear to do a Magic Mad Lib with Twitch Chat!

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Episode 611 – Weaponized Nostalgia

This is our first non-Magic podcast episode! To help us out on this momentous occasion, we are joined by Squee, formerly of Monday Night Magic. We’re taking a look at remakes, reboots, remasters, rereleases, and legacy sequels across several different media – movies, tv shows, and video games. First up we try to define what we mean by all of these different varieties and then discuss why they might be made in the first place. Then the five of us go over many (many) examples across all of those to try to determine what makes one good or bad.

This was a fun discussion with quite a few twists, turns and tangents (of course). Let us know what you thought! And if you have any ideas for topics for other non-MTG episodes, be sure to let us know!

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Episode 610 – The Sagas of Kaldheim

The dorks head back into Kaldheim to check out all the Sagas that we just missed during the last two episodes. Some of these are absolutely ridiculous, while the rest are just…well, pretty good actually. The art though! The Saga art is AMAZING in this set!

Of course we also bounce around the rest of the card image gallery to find other neat stuff to talk about, and answer some questions from Twitch chat as usual. And we pitch an idea for the first non-Magic TMP episode of 2021 that we’ll be doing next week!

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Episode 609 – Gods & Monsters of Kaldheim

The dorks return to the Kaldheim Card Image Gallery and continue poking around at the awesome stuff inside. There’s a brand new Vampire Dragon (Dragon Vampire?) that makes Brian extremely happy. There’s a whole new pantheon of Gods to discuss, a whole mess of weird creatures to fear, the Snow Figure of Destiny to freak out about, and a land that REALLY pisses off our old buddy Xenagos.

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