60 Card Challenge

Chewie realized that all of his casual multiplayer decks ran anywhere from 61-65 cards. This is the chronicle of how he managed to get them all down to 60 cards, as well as any other changes he made along the way. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn something along with him.

60CC – Sgt. Chewie’s Howling Commandos

Catapult SquadAttention!  Listen up, rookie!  You have just been dropped into the latest 60 Card Challenge of the Dominarian Armed Forces!  I am going to whip you into shape or you’ll die trying!  You hear me maggot?!?!

You goldbricks have it easy these days!  Back in my day we didn’t have such amazing leadership!  If you wanted to be inspired to do better in battle, you had to wait for the angels to belt out a Glorious Anthem or go on a Crusade!  That’s not even military!  Back then, the army was more of a militia, real men working to keep back the goblin horde or fend off those prissy little elvish buggers.  We used whatever we could find on our way to each hard-fought victory. Continue reading »


60CC – The Mountains of Madness

Wheel and DealChewie here again, this time with a deck I actually did something to.  I’ve mentioned my multiplayer discard deck several times, whether it be in articles or on the show.  It’s one of my oldest deck ideas, and the basic tenets haven’t changed since I first came up with the idea.  But before I go into any sort of detail, here’s the list (complete with made-up impressive sounding deck name that’s never been used before): Continue reading »


60CC – Flock of Seagulls

Soulcatcher's AerieHello again my faithful readers!  This one’s simple yet entertaining.  When I started playing again around the time Onslaught came out, I noticed that Birds seemed to be a tribe they were pushing.  This was cemented when I saw Aven Brigadier, who is just ridiculous with the various Bird Soldiers.  But it wasn’t until I saw the Judgment card Soulcatchers’ Aerie that I was completely blown away.  Every time a bird dies, ALL these other birds get bigger?  HOLY CRAP!  So I set to work building a Bird deck.  The first one was just a bunch of big expensive awesome birds, a Brigadier, and a pair of Aeries.  As the years have gone by, I’ve tweaked and changed and fixed and focused the deck.  Here’s the pre-60CC list:
Continue reading »

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60CC – 2 Quick Decks

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Mana Pool’s little corner of the blogosphere. Chewie here, and we’re back on the 60 Card Challenge. The first step was to count up the cards in all my decks. This is nowhere as much fun as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound like any fun at all. During the course of this, I found a small handful of decks that already had the requisite 60 cards already. So I thought I’d go ahead and share some of those with you guys to get them out of the way. Since I’m going to be showing everyone the rest of my decks, I figured I’d show you all of them. I’m also going to attempt to come up with some nifty names for them that aren’t so utilitarian. No reason, just as a mental exercise and to jazz them up a bit.

I have two decks built around the Suspend mechanic from Time Spiral block. The first and foremost is basically mono-blue with a small red splash for Jhoira. Looking at it again, I’m considering changing it around some, but that’s not what this about. Here’s the list: Continue reading »

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60 Card Challenge – Introduction

Oh no, the Big 60! Hello there everyone!  Welcome to the first of the Mana Pool blog posts!  That’s right, you’ve listened to the podcast, now read the blog!  Now how much would you pay?  Whoa, the blogosphere makes me sound like a pitch man.  Let’s move on quickly.

Anyway, here’s the deal.  I thought I would chronicle my attempts at knocking all my many casual Magic decks down to 60 cards.  Some background first!  Since I basically play big round-table multiplayer free-for-all type games, I didn’t so much care about sticking to the recommended 60 card minimum.  If I had an idea for a deck, I wanted to run with it, number of cards be damned.  I’d throw in 20 land and there was a deck ready to play! Continue reading »

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