The Mana Pool

The Mana Pool!

Episode 580 – So Crisp and Unsanctioned

Out of nowhere, Unsanctioned was revealed on Tuesday. Unsanctioned is the latest silver-bordered product from WotC, but it’s not a full new Un set. It’s a boxed set that features five decks full of some of the greatest hits of silver-bordered cards along with a few new cards in each color. The dorks go in-depth on all the new cards and drop a few honorable mentions of the reprints.

During the final thoughts we ended up going off on a few topics. Brian & Sam’s Prerelease experience, streaming Skyrim, and Dirk’s hang up about the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Just good old random nonsense!

In other news, Brian upgraded his computer to Windows 10. That means he can use his headset mic, which is why he sounds drastically different now. 

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Episode 579 – Unemployed Cat & the Titan Leftovers

The dorks are back to cover the rest of the cards in Theros Beyond Death! Well, as many as we can get through in a single episode anyway. There are demigods, a new planeswalker, an elegantly designed cycle of Omens, a cycle of Interventions, a pair of Titans, plenty of analogues for Greek heroes, and more Sagas! Since this is apparently the wordiest set ever released, there’s a LOT to get through.

That cat needs to get a job though. Dang.

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Episode 578 – Still Beyond Death

For the first TMP episode of 2020 we’re continuing with Neverending Preview Season! We’re looking at all the sweet Theros Beyond Death stuff that has popped up since our last episode. This includes some crazy new gods, a “fixed” Yawgmoth’s Will, and a few neat Sagas. The new set looks pretty awesome!

Apologies for Chewie sounding weird in this episode. Something happened to his audio settings. To the stream audience he sounds normal, but he’s extra loud in the recorded file. Hopefully that’ll get figured out before the next episode, because it’s highly obnoxious.

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Episode 577 – Theros Beyond Punctuation

Neverending Preview Season has returned! We’re talking about all the Theros Beyond Death cards that had been previewed when we recorded! We’re covering the mechanics, the planeswalkers, and everything else! We’re also discussing (briefly but importantly) the lack of a colon in the title of the set, when the next set clearly has a colon in it. Chewie has a theory!

Also, it’s the last episode of TMP of 2019! We hope you all have a fabulous winter holiday and the end of your year is awesome! We’ll see you in 2020!

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Episode 576 – The Revelations of Icolnir

It’s time for another installation of Brian’s custom MTG RPG, Heirs of Trivester! The last time we saw our heroes they had barely taken out a vicious noggle mage controlled by Icolnir after making their way through a cavernous labyrinth. This episode picks up right there, with our weary travelers still bleeding on the floor of the cave.

We’ll hear all about what is happening on this plane, get a bit of a history lesson, and manage to pick up some sweet new gear! You know, since most of ours didn’t survive the boss fight. It’s one of our mostly-narrative RPG episodes, but it’s all stuff we’re gonna need to know to find our way off of this freakin’ plane!

Find all the MTG RPG episodes here:

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