The Mana Pool

The Mana Pool!

Episode 607 – The Final TMP of 2020

This was recorded six months ago on Dec 17, 2020. It was recorded on Chewie’s old laptop because the dead computer. It was supposed to get posted a few days later, but then I was delayed because of putting the new computer together, and then getting bummed out, and then getting distracted, and then holidays, and and and. But here it is now!

Chewie tells the tale of December, that has focused all of its 2020 wrath on him at once. We reflect on the frustrations that come from watching our fellow humans not take the massive global pandemic seriously. We all share personal stories of what this horrible hell year has been like for us. We head into Magic territory to discuss what WotC has been up to this year and why that’s got us all vaguely (or in one case, specifically) disillusioned with it. Then we turn to the current political landscape in the US, but luckily not for long. Then we look at what we would all like for 2021 to make it a better year for everyone.

Sorry for not getting this out in 2020, but crap happens and decided to happen to me. I hope you’re all being safe in 2021 since this first week has been the longest 3 months ever. 

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Episode 606 – Repelling the Wolves (Heirs of Trivester #14)

After a long delay, both intentional and not, this episode is finally here! This was recorded way back on the 10th of December, but Chewie’s computer died on the evening of the 11th. It took a while, but it was finally resurrected just in time for the holidays and the obligatory no-man’s land between Christmas and New Year’s, with some of Chewie’s life trying to fall apart in the meantime. But here we go, with another episode to follow soon after!

Welcome back to Trivester! When we last left our heroes they had been reunited, discovered that one of their number was apparently afflicted with some kind of vampiric curse, and learned some fancy new abilities from some conspicuously glowing books. In this episode, we learn more about Karim’s condition, venture back out into the village, and defend it against an attack by a pack of creatures that seem to be…dire wolves? How will our party protect the village? And which of us will learn a powerful new ability?

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Episode 605 – Beware the Thumbles!

The dorks are starting off by explaining what’s up with new Akroma’s art. It turns out she’s got prosthetic legs, which is not something we knew about, so that’s actually really cool! From there we head into the Card Image Gallery, bouncing around and talking about whatever cards catch our eyes. Yes we hit the Lotus this episode. No we weren’t terribly impressed.

But Thumbles is (are?) clearly the best thing (things?) to come out of this episode. 

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Episode 604 – Cascading Into Commander Legends

After accidentally not doing a show for longer than anticipated, the dorks are back to FINALLY take a look at Commander Legends! We’re just bouncing around the Card Image Gallery and enjoying all the weird new stuff! And if we missed a card you wanted us to talk about (and I KNOW we did) don’t worry, we’re gonna come back to this set next week!

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Episode 603 – The Borderline Mythics of Apocalypse

The dorks are back! And this time we’re doing a Mythic Conscription for the final set of the Invasion block, Apocalypse. Apocalypse was a neat set full of all kinds of awesome cards, but how many of them could have been mythic? Weirdly enough, this is one of the hardest sets we’ve had to do just because so many of these cards are really good and solid rares, but not many seem to climb up into Mythic territory.

Stick around for the final thoughts, where we have black hole questions, Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy 8, Kingdom Hearts, Among Us, the upcoming hiatus of Monday Night Magic, and the Dresden Files TV show.

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