Unnecessary Censorship: TMP’s Kickstarter Video

Scott, my venerated roommate and webmaster, made this for everyone to enjoy.  So enjoy it!  I’m just gonna *bleep* in the corner.

LAST DAY FOR THE KICKSTARTER! Better check it out now -


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This is it everyone!  After a month of lunacy, we’re finally coming to a close!  Then I get to have many more months of less public lunacy, but that’s beside the point.  The Kickstarter has funded, it’s almost done, and I am ecstatic!  But this isn’t the big thank you post or any of that, this is a reminder!  This thing ends Thursday morning at 10:30 Eastern time, so if you’re waiting until the last minute – it’s here!

In the last couple days I’ve thrown out a few last-minute additions in an effort to spice things up a bit as the project ends.  Here they are:

- Bulk sleeves add-on!  If you want 300 extra sleeves, it’s just $40 more! For more information, check out the Update explaining it:

- Day of Dorking Lite reward tier!  It’s the same as the $750 Day of Dorking reward tier, except I’m only going to guarantee 2 dorks present, and it costs a cool $500.  Here’s the update explaining that:

Don’t forget, the ONLY place to get the Mythic Dork shirt is right here on the Kickstarter, and it’s going away in less than 24 hours!  If you want one, better get on it!  I’ll meet you back here with an actual big thank you post soon!

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Random Card of the Day – Ydwen Efreet

Ydwen Efreet

I’ll hit Random Card on Gatherer and tell you all about what I get.  Nice and simple huh?  This week I was exhausted after a long day of driving, and the random card button gave me a doozy.  Enjoy!


Additional art by Jars – @jarscristobal

Music: Diamond by Swift –
Used with permission

Gatherer –


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Kickstarter = FUNDED! (but still going)

While we were recording episode 331, I got an email.  Mike and Brian (of course) were talking, so I clicked the Gmail tab in my browser.  What I saw was a Kickstarter email that said “New Backer Alert”, which always makes me giddy.  I saw the amount, which was $200.  As soon as that number hit my eyes, my brain started working.  It pulled up the last known amount, added the new donation, and sent a message to the rest of me.  Hands shaking, I reached for my mouse and moved the cursor to the Kickstarter project’s tab.  I clicked…and my eyes immediately went wide and my respiration stopped.


You can hear what happened next on Episode 331, because I left it in the episode.  How could I not?  Now the focus goes from “let’s be sure we can do this” to “let’s see how much stuff you guys can get”.  Every donation now goes towards stretch goals.  You guys get more stuff, and I get more time to focus on making this my job.  Remember, the more money I get the more content I can create, and the more time I have to make this self-sufficient.  So don’t stop yet!  We’ve still got time to get as much as we can!

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Random Card of the Day – Arcbound Crusher

Random Card - Arcbound Crusher

New series! I’ll hit Random Card on Gatherer and talk about what I get.  Nice and simple huh?


Additional art by Jars – @jarscristobal

Music: Diamond by Swift –
Used with permission

Gatherer –


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