My Favorite Combo Deck! | Hearthstone

Malygos Burn small thumb

This video doesn’t fit into any of my existing shows, I just really wanted to show off this deck. It’s the only combo deck I’ve ever had any success or enjoyment with in Hearthstone thus far, my Malygos Burn Shaman deck! The game I played with it was extremely close and really shows off exactly what the deck is supposed to do! I hope you all enjoy, and let me know if you want to see any more videos like this in the future!

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Mike & Chewie Play Soccer Physics | Dork Vs Dork

Soccer Physics Mike small thumb

Welcome back to Dork Vs Dork! On this show, various dorks and I are going to be playing some manner of game against each other. This week we’re playing Soccer Physics, a goofy one-button multiplayer game that is entirely too much fun!

I grabbed Mike (the Rules Guy and Game Lore Guy from The Mana Pool) again for this episode since he was already at my place hanging out. After some initial technical difficulties caused by my crappy computer, much fun and hilarity was had!

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Episode 373 – An Onslaught of Good Stuff

pit fighter dorks

After several straight weeks of guest hosts, the dorks have decided to break the streak and go it alone. And what better way to kick it off than with another of our trademark Magic Mad Libs! Brian whipped up a good one this week, leaving us all laughing our various and sundry bits off.

After that we venture into the territory of nostalgia and do a Mythic Conscription for Onslaught! This was the first new set when we all started playing together, and as such it holds a very special place in our hearts. After taking this second look, it turns out there are a lot of really solid and powerful rares in the set, but we had some troubles finding actual mythics. Let us know what you think deserves to be mythic!


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Heroic Instructor Razuvious – Let the Wookiee Win

razuvious small thumb

Because I’ve been dreading going up against Razuvious for some time now, I enlisted the aid of my beardy friend and cohost Mike! He’s moral support and the voice of reason. Or the voice of telling me I’m an idiot. You know, whatever.

Instructor Full-of-Razuve here has two students and a big-ass sword, so we’re going to steal his students and break his sword. We’d like to steal his sword too, but that’s not guaranteed. Hopefully my mad deckbuilding skills and Mike’s advice will keep us from getting beheaded!

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Let the Wookiee Win – Heroic Loatheb w/ Squanto (Ecksell)

heroic loatheb small thumb

After a brief uploading hiatus due to lots of work in the real world, I’m back! And since Blackrock Mountain is finally done, we’re going back to the Heroic mode of Curse of Naxxramas! This was actually recorded a LONG time ago before BRM started, so don’t worry if it seems like I’m going backwards. And rest assured this is the only one that’s been in the can all this time, so any after this one will be recorded new!

To help me defeat the incredibly swingy and obnoxious Loatheb, I enlisted the aid of my good friend Squanto (or Ecksell, depending on how you know him). He’s beaten Heroic Loatheb and he’s one of the guys that got me into Hearthstone to begin with, so he’s a big help. Plus – I’m bad at this game.


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