Worst Arena Ever! – Heroic Dark Iron Arena |Blackrock Mountain #2

heroic brm2 small

I really hate this guy. Like a lot. He starts with a massive mana advantage and then just kills you. But you know me – nothing’s gonna keep me from overcoming this…THAT’S IT, I’M DONE!

Ahem. I tried a few things, then ragequit, then came back later to try more things! I had almost 90 minutes of footage for this fight that I somehow managed to knock down into a watchable video of decent length. Let me know what you think!

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Peculiar Flavor Roundup – The Dog Voice Precedent

Peculiar Flavor Avatar

Welcome to the Peculiar Flavor Roundup!

Every day at Peculiar Flavor, we bring you rejected flavor text from some of your “favorite” Magic cards. Whether it’s a visual joke, an absurd one-liner, or a response to the real flavor text, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.* Each Monday on the Roundup, you’ll get to see a few of last week’s, ah… best entries.

As a quick note, in addition to the URL above, Peculiar Flavor can now be found at FlavorText.LOL. It goes to the exact same site, I just thought it’d be fun to have a dedicated domain name.

On this Roundup: Thraben Purebloods, Chartooth Cougar, Glacial Wall, and Rise from the Grave!


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Post-Whispers Randomness! – Brawling with Buddies

random whispers small thumb

TAVERN BRAWL! Yes we’ve seen this one a few times before, but this time it’s different. Sort of.

It’s that “pick a class, get a random deck” Brawl. But now that Whispers of the Old Gods has released, we get new cards! Sometimes. You’ll occasionally get a new card, and that’s pretty sweet. There’s nothing else to say really. It’s fun.

I’ll be playing a few Brawl games for a video with someone on my friends list every week! Send me a friend request, my battle tag is TMPChewie#1888. This week Ecksell (Squanto) was good enough to help me out! Thanks a lot buddy!

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Episode 417 – The Dark Times

dark times

To break up the Oaths a bit and to give us time to talk about some of the other stuff that’s happened, we’re doing something different this week. First off Mike & Brian recount their experiences at SCG States (while completely glossing over the fondue).

Then it’s time for another Mythic Conscription, where we go through a pre-Mythic set and try to determine what might have been Mythic if such a thing existed. Because it shares some thematic similarities to Innistrad (and because it’s so small) we went with The Dark. Pickings are slim, but the set is actually really neat and features some of the earliest versions of things we’re seeing in modern times!

And of course we can’t ignore some of the big news that’s happened recently. There’s the Pro Tour, the Platinum pay cut and following apology, and the judge lawsuit to talk about. That makes the episode title an unfortunate double entendre, but oh well.

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Whispers of the Old Gods Pack Opening & Card Review

whispers packs small

Now that Whispers of the Old Gods has FINALLY been released, it’s time to buy some packs and get some of that sweet sweet new-card swag! We get free packs, a free Old God, free cultists, and MORE free packs but that wasn’t enough for me! I tossed the rest of my gold into buying packs too!

The number of legendaries I opened is simple unbelievable! No really!


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